Need advice for shooting VIP sessions

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by Rich Gibson, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. What a coincidence! Just this morning there was a thread about paparazzi and I commented that I wanted to improve shooting real-time people events.

    I work for Customs and am well known as a digital camera geek. I was asked to photograph a visit by two members of congress at our site. Boy did prepare! It is a great chance to perform "in the line of fire" because once a handshake is over the moment is lost..

    I had both my D2H and D100 rigged and charged, all my lenses and every CF card I could find. I use the Custom Brackets CB Junior and it was great. Also 8 extra batteries for my SB800.

    Rock and Roll! Everything went well. I know a lot of my shots are awkwardly composed and I can see where I need improvement. I understand about needing a thick skin though. A coupe of shots were ruined by some shaved head body guard. I had no idea who he was so I I kept him in some of the images, drat! Next time if hangers on are in the way I politely, but firmly ask them to move!

    Then they had a reception line. NO PROBLEM, I thought. I have it waxed with my trusty D2H machine gun like response. Pop, Pop, Pop I'm on a roll!. Then I looked at the LCD...Shi#! The SB800 hadn't charged as fast as I was shooting....crap. I need to keep up with the action.

    FIRST QUESTION. What type flash unit does one need for continuous flash shooting? Could someone suggest a brand/model? I'm not a pro but twice now in a month I've had to shoot indoors 150-300 shots. What "size?" might I need?

    What a challenge!

    SECOND QUESTION. I tried to rely on the histogram, but I kept getting too great a disparity from the front people to the back. I fixed it in NC but as we all know the D2H need to be spot on or you get noise. I used the SB800 angled at a 45 degree up with the frosty plastic diffuser. Is there another technique for doing better balancing between near and far subjects?

    That's enough for now. Man I love this D2H!

  2. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    I can't help with most of your questions, but I do know that there are external battery packs that can be used with your SB-800 that will significantly extend the shooting time that you can get, and reduce the cycle time as well.

    Sorry that I don't have the model numbers at the tip of my tongue, but I did want to let you know that they are out there.

  3. SB800 tip

    I sue my SB800 with the white card pulled up and the flash pointed up at a 45 degree angle, this seems to help reduce redeye and give a more even light, just a thought
  4. Use the 5 battery holder with your SB800 or else get a battery pack. Both of these will reduce cycle time; however the battery pack is the best and will last the longest. I have had good luck with the white card pulled up like Mike suggested.