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Need advice from D1X and D2H shooters...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jonathan F/2, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. So I have an extra D2H body that I am thinking of selling for a D1X. I'm interested in the D1X for 3 reasons: 1/500 flash sync, slightly more MP, and better body (compared to my D70). Basically the D1X is going to replace my D70, since I want a pro body for back up.

    So this is what I'm envisioning for my camera setup:

    D1X and D2H
    D1X - Mount with short lens and flash for wide angle shots (Don't really need the FPS or advance focus tracking).
    D2H - Mount my long lens with no flash for those fast candids


    Two D2H bodies

    For those that have both and have used both cameras thoroughly do you think it's worth switching for or should I just keep both D2H cameras?
  2. 2 D2H without a single doubt. Anything else will complicate things.
  3. MikeG


    Apr 30, 2005
    SF Bay Area
    Agree w/ NB

    I'd prefer D2HS and D2H combo
  4. F15Todd


    Feb 1, 2005
    Since I got the D2h I have not pulled my D1x out of the bag. I would go for two D2h bodies. There are other little things you might want to look at, like the D1x and D2h use different batts.
  5. I'd get a D2Hs for high ISO shots to go with the D2H.
  6. gho


    Feb 7, 2005
    Why a d1x, why not a d2x?
  7. Right now, I can't justify buying it at the current price. Plus I need to spend my money on other things right now. I've always wanted a D1X too, just never got around to it! Anyways, I'm trying to decide if it's worth the swap. There are times when my D70 outshines my D2H in details. I really need to be careful with my D2H images, in terms of how much I crop, etc. Plus having two battery systems is no big deal for me, since I already use a D2H/D70 combo.
  8. I totally agree about ....... "my D70 outshines my D2H". If it wasn't for the blazing speed of the D2H, I would use the D70 exclusively. Anyway, I've never used a D1X either, but most folks who have them sure love em (exception for previous poster noted).

    My guess is that it probably isn't worth the effort to do the swap at this time. The D200 is probably about 6 months away and by then the D2X might be pushing sub $4K. ??? Something to consider.

  9. I'm a little surprised by the "my D70 outshines my D2H". While I don't have a D70, I do have a D100 and from a sensor/image quality POV I think the D100 and D70 are similar. Given that my D2H images are definately superior to my D100.
  10. Hi Jeff,

    I've shot extensively with the D100 and there is a difference in image quality. The D70 is sharper and more vibrant color-wise.

    Honestly, my biggest want for a D1X is the 1/500th flash sync. Shooting daylight fill-flash at a speed faster than 1/250th makes a difference. Plus I don't like using the FP mode on the D2 series cameras. It's just not the same as a real 1/500 flash sync.
  11. Greetings

    I'm a newbie with my D2h so I'd like to hear why you don't like the FF mode with it. I have used that mode a couple of times (with an SB-800) and thought it worked pretty slick.

    I'm sure I'm missing something. ??? Is it the reduced flash power?

  12. Yeah I'm not fond of the reduced flash output. It makes a difference in heavy shooting.
  13. Jerrold


    May 7, 2005
    London, UK
    Not having used the D2H, the only comparison I can offer is that moving from the D100 to the D1X produced better natural colour and produced sharper, cleaner images. Also less post processing is needed. I would guess that this holds true in comparison with the D70. The D100 and presumably the D70 are a lot better at high ISOs. The body is a lot better obviously and the AF won't be quite up to your D2H but is a lot better than the D70, essentially the F5 AF system.

    The D1X does also have that pseudo 10Mp mode.

    I think you may have justified the D1X with your reasons, the same way I haven't got a D2H, hopefully a D2X one day...

  14. Can anybody email me or post some hi-res shots from the D1X?

    My email is my profile, thanks!
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