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Discussion in 'Studio Equipment and Lighting' started by Reggie, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. I recently read an article about photographing flowers using ordinary household lamps and a black background. The technique produced some very dramatic images of flowers, particurlarly orchids. I'd now like to try the technique, but can't find the article. Has anyone else seen or read the article?
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    Apr 30, 2005

    It may not be what you are looking for but there is a group called FCAS (FoamCore Addicts Society) that is into that style of photography. Their tutorial is at You can find multiple references by entering FCAS into the search engine for the Nikon D series forum.
  3. That article rings a bell, I feel sure it is in one that i subscribe to, ill see if i can find it. sometimes i throw them away cause if i didnt my house would be packed with them, but i will try.
  4. Don, the URL that you suggested is not the article that I read, but it exactly the same topic. Thank you for your help.
    Dave, thank you for your interest. I appreciate your help.
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