Need help setting up new system(s)

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    Help please. I am currently running a Dell Inspiron 1505 laptop as my primary computer. I ordered and received today a desktop system that I want to use with the laptop. I got a 22" UltraSharp monitor and the system is an Inspiron 530 mini tower. My first concern comes with getting ready to set up the whole system. Can I have both systems plugged into the monitor? On my laptop I have a VGA input that I can use to hook to the monitor. On the mini tower there is a DVI input that can be hooked to the monitor as well. Can I actually hook 2 systems to the same monitor and use them simultaneously or do I have to use them seperately?

    Next question is this. Can I set up a sharing connection between the 2 computers? One is running Vista (laptop) while the other has XP Pro (by choice). I would like to set up my photography on the desktop as well so I can share and save to either set up. Am I hoping to do the impossible?

    I have not opened anything with the new system yet as I want to have some idea what to do before I get deep into the process. There is nothing more frustrating than starting a project and having no idea how to accomplish what you want. And that is where I am right now. Any and all help would be appreciated.

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    The answer to both your questions are: as Obama would say, yes we can :smile:

    According to the manual, your monitor will accept the dvi-out from your tower and vga-out from your laptop.

    Assuming both laptop and tower has internet connection, yes you can share data between the 2. However, a bit of configuration will be needed for both.

    hope that helps.