Need help with batching in NX2

Discussion in 'Retouching and Post Processing' started by ladukebob, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. Is it possible to batch 800 photos? Doing time lapse and I'd like to make adjustments to all the images before converting to the finished movie. I tried to work through this in NX2 but just not getting it. Can someone walk me through the steps involved.
  2. Yes it is possible, I have processed batches of around that number.
    For the sake of drill, let's assume you need to add +.5 ev to each photo's exposure and also apply a USM of 35-5-2.

    1. Move all of the images that you wish to process into one folder.
    2. Select an image from the folder and open it in the editor.
    3. For our example, open the Quick Fix Tab and adjust the Exposure Compensation slider to +.5 ev.
    4. Go to the menu bar, open Adjust - Focus - Unsharp Mask and set the sliders to 35-5-2.
    5. Go to the menu bar, open Batch - Save Adjustments - Make sure Quick Fix and Unsharp Mask are checked.
    6. In the Save As box give your adjustment a name, in this case I will use CSM01.
    7. Choose a Destination to save the Batch File - normally the deflault location for NX2.
    8. Close your sample image without saving.
    9. Go to the Menu and select Batch - Run Batch Process.
    10. In the Source box Browse to find the location of your folder. Check Include subfolders if you have used other folders to sort your images.
    11. In the Apply Settings Box, use the Settings File drop down to locate your Adjustment Settings, in our case CSM01.
    12. You have the option of renaming each image as it is processed and saved. Since this is a time lapse, you might want to rename the files using the date/time shot option.
    13. Select the File Format that you want the images saved as and be sure to open the Advanced drop down to make sure you have the settings you want. I always choose to imbed the ICC Profile.
    14. Finally select a location to save the batched images.
    15. Press the Run button and you are done.

    If you are processing this many images you may want to clear your image cache if you are using one, I dont, and your thumb nail cache so you dont over flow. Make sure the drive that you are saving the processed images to has enough space to hold them, esp if you are saving them as TIFFs.
  3. Thanks Conrad, your way works a lot better then the way it's laid out in the book "After The Shoot"

    But the one glitch I ran into is that it doubled the image count in the folder I saved the batched photos in.
  4. Hummm, that is strange. In the Destination dialog, did you click the Select Folder option or the Use Source Folder option? What is in the folder with the double image count? Any chance the source folder had both NEF & JPEGs? I only shoot NEF and have never tried batching JPEGs so I am not sure what would happen if you tried to run a batch on a folder that had both. What does the directory of the of the destination folder show, any dupe file names?

    C. :confused:
  5. So, I did select "Use Folder Option" and pointed it at a new folder I had created. The source folder contained only jpegs. When shooting for a timelapse I set the camera to the smallest file available because of the amount of photos it takes to create a timelapse. The funny thing is that I'm sure that half the images where duplicates but the file names were in order.

    For testing purposes I only used 80 files number 1-80. The folder with the adjusted files counted 1-160. And it's really hard to tell what is what because of how similar the photos look. The test shots were of the clouds moving through the sky. I'll try again tomorrow and I'm sure I'll get it, I feel like I'm so close :smile:
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