need new sports lens

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  1. I know this isn't the lens lust forum...but this lens would be for outdoor school sports

    As I see it my choices are
    Nikkor 70-200 VR
    Sigma 70-200

    Well today, the sigma rep suggested considering the 80-400 OS
    and then a friend about my sigma 120-300...That's a BFL! It's just back from Sigma after a tuneup, and he never uses it. He claims to have used it strictly hand held for as long as two soccer games.

    My Sigma 70-300, while a sharp copy, just doesn't focus fast enough for my needs.

    I'm going to have a tough time convincing SWMBO that I need to spend $1k, much less almost $2k.

    What say my highly skilled sports friends?
  2. What sports do you plan on shooting?
    I own the Sigma 70-200 Macro version and I love it, though for some sports 200 might be a little short for some sports.
  3. koolk2


    Sep 9, 2006
    I use the Sigma 120-300 for LL baseball. Just got back from shooting the Opening Day at our field. Even using a monopod my shoulders hurt from holding the camera/lens all day. Plus unless you have very good lens technique you'll have a hard time shooting sharp handheld. I use a 70-200 for T-ball and find it more than adequate.
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    As an alternative to the 70-200, you might want to consider the older Nikon 80-200 AF or AFS, non-VR.
  5. I used the 120-300 today for little league. I use a monopod and find it an excellent lens.


  6. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    I use an 80-400 VR for surf kites and surfing
    Not tried any other sports so low light might be a prob with this lens.
    Daylight would be fine
  7. Nice shot Rich!

    Can you use it without a monopod? I don't see a monopod working most of the time.
  8. You may also want to take a look at a used 80-200 2.8. It lacks VR but it is very fast to focus and it is razor sharp. I wouldn't trade mine for anything. It is the only lens I use for my dog agility shots. Here is the thread in case you missed it:
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    I found the price mentioned for the newly reconditioned 120-300 acceptable. Maybe a little high, but acceptable. SWMBO will have a coronary, LOL..."you want to spend HOW MUCH"

    The 80-200 was on the original list, and figured I would wait until next spring b4 buying something. My photo desires are moving beyond the 70-300...time to step into bigger leagues. Funny thing, I don't have camera lust...yet. I love the D50, and it does 99% of what I want it to do. Maybe by the time the D5x comes out, I'll be ready to upgrade body, LOL
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    man that kid has a big swing. nice shot
  11. Frankly, no. In engineeringspeak you have three axes of rotation: about the vertical, rotation about the enter of the lens and rotation about a line parallel to your shoulders (roughly). Of the three the greatest is the last; countered by either a tripod, monopod, a support of some natural or man-made material your body's muscles. I've shot some sports, birds, people, and lots of nature, animals, landscape and architecture. Aside from a very rare prohibition against them I've almost always been able to use a monopod. Muscles just don't work effectively countering the relentless effects of gravity.

  12. :biggrin:
    Thanks. I was pressed up against the chain link fence of the LL field clutching the monopod and cross bar. But I also find that a couple strips of double-sided velcro tape in the pocket can facilitate an impromptu "tripod." :wink:

    The catcher is my grandson.

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    120-300 end of story .... the 200 wont have enough reach ... but is a GREAT lens.....
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    A 300 2.8 is the perfect. A 120-300 would be great too. Alot of the dads where I shoot at home say a 300 or a 400 is "too long" but its pretty much inadequacy in their ability to keep the action in frame, and in focus.
  15. Flyfishdk


    Nov 1, 2006
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  16. Dave


    Feb 7, 2007
    Suwanee, GA
    If your friend has the 120-300, just tell him you want to borrow it from time to time...just remember to drop off a 6 pack when you pick it up from him. :biggrin: