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Jan 12, 2018
Puget Sound
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Yup! I have all kinds of hats...even a Russian style one that looks like I have a cat sleeping on my head! Feet still get cold, not to mention the fingers! I tried a pair of the liners they gave us as volunteers for the 2002 Olympics inside a pair of fleece lined Chopper Mitts. I still had to curl my fingers up inside the mitts to keep get them warm. I'll keep trying things till I find what works best for me. With the Covid mess, I haven't gone many places this winter, though.
Yes, welcome to winter, when you can just step outside and have your fingers turn white as a ghost courtesy of Raynaud's Syndrome. It seems like the solution that might work best for each of us is different, but I will still mention what works best for me in case it happens to work for you as well. If it is just light cold and I am not outside for any great length of time, I use my Smartwool liners since they seem to easily allow heat to transfer from finger to finger. If I am going to be out for some time, I use wrist gaiters as a base layer, and then either use the wool gloves or something a bit more substantial. AND, I bring my USB hand warmers and leave them in my pockets. This tends to work reasonably well, especially if I can give my hands a break in a warm car or a heated building. If not, then I usually do my best to ride it out. Sometimes they regain circulation and then work well for quite a while. Having said all of this, I am in a damp, cold climate that is not as cold as a lot of dry places that see much colder temperatures, so YMMV.

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