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Need some advice.

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by greyflash, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. The model I shot yesterday does not like the red or copper color that cropped up in her brown hair. If I attempt to remove it by desaturating the red in PS, it affects her lovely skin tone and lipstick. Is there some way to desaturate only a small area of an image other than layer masking. If layer masking is the only way, how would you go about doing this as I don't want to "paint" over the whole image just to change the color of a small area.
  2. Gordon, you could try this. Use the magic wand and select the area you're interested in. Then go to image adjustment, replace color. Let us know how you do.

  3. Iliah


    Jan 29, 2005
    Gordon, desaturate as needed on an adjustment layer (or make any other correction); then add a mask revealing only the area that needs correction.
  4. Thanks Virginia and Iliah, I have been very busy today but will try what you suggest tomorrow. I appreciate your time and expertise.
  5. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    As an aside, that is not all that uncommon with hair that is dyed. Too bad she doesn't like it, many spend extra money to have the reddish highlights added......
  6. Virginia and Iliah, I did try both methods and each one worked fine. After all that the bride to be picked the original image as the one she wanted to go with. I did learn something in the process so all is not lost. Thanks for your help.

    Baywing, I understand what you are saying and did find out that the bride to be had expensive extensions added to her hair and that is what was causing the problem. And so it goes . . .
  7. It's definitely a job for a selective colors adjustment layer.

    No problem! Zoom in on the problem hair area, and adjust the red channel until it's acceptable. It'll mess up the skin tones, but we'll fix that in a second. Click [OK].

    Then, making sure the mask is selected, click [ctrl + i]. That will hide the effect of the adjustment layer.

    Now, using a white paintbrush, and making sure the mask is still selected, paint over the small problem areas only.

    Flatten the image, give it to the bride, and get a big hug in return. :lol:
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