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Need some help

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by Paul.r.lindqvist, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. OKay the wife, told me the other day that she wants her own camera....:eek: 

    "Okay cool lets go and look at some digital compacts and see if we can find a pink one. i said"

    She responded with almost lethal force, and my arm is still sore...:tongue:

    So i got the message she dont want a compact, nor does she want it to be pink..

    She actually wants a dslr, so we been looking at the D60 mainly, wich i can get pretty cheap from the UK (500usd)

    So today we went into a store and she tried the D60, but also tried a D80 wich where on sale due to the release of the D90. She didnt think the D80 was that much bigger..:cool: 

    The D80 where on sale (850usd) with a consumer zoom dont recall wich one exactly. (keep in mind that these prices are for the EU market, so they are a little higher compared to the ones in the states)

    So now i have a little dilemma, should i get her the D80(they only had one left, wich i called a put away until tomorrow), so she can use my 50/1,8D and might get a 35-70/2,8 for her. Or should i get the D60 and a sigma 30/1,4 or a 50/1,4 AF-S nikkor?

    From what iv seen the D60 has a very friendly UI, compared to the older models.

    She will mainly use the camera to take snaps of the kids, and me...:rolleyes:  (she pointed out that fact several times already)

    And to begin with she will use the camera in auto and just want to snap away, with the goal to get the grasp of the basics.

    Im not familar with the entrylevel cams, was sometime since i had the D70, and im not familar with the diffrences in AF, metering, awb between the D60 and D80.

    Any thoughts ?

  2. Paul,

    It seems pretty obvious that your wife needs a D90 :smile:
  3. Well the D90 is nice, but has alot of features that wont be used for a long time, and by the time she get around using them, well then its time for another camera.. :) 

    Right now im leaning towards the D60kit or D60+sig 30/1,4, the UI is a BIG factor.

  4. If she's just going to be using it in auto mode, you may as well save some money and get her a D40. Nute has posted some fine examples from a D40 + Sigma 30/1.4. That said, she would probably be happier with a zoom lens like the Nikkor 16-85 or the new 18-105.

    But then you know all about lenses.
  5. Thanx Jim for he Input, the price diffrence between the D40 and D60 (new or used) is minimal, and she will eventually go from auto to a,s,p when she got the basics covered.

    And most likley will she get a consumer grade zoom to start with, she isnt to excited to borrow my pro zooms, nor tesdrive my manual zeiss. (thank god lol)

  6. Phillip Ino

    Phillip Ino

    Nov 26, 2007
    You mean she doesn't get to use your MF lenses? :eek:  I'm partial to the D80 in case she does want to get a non AF-S lens.
  7. Well she dont want to.. and neither do i lol.

    Yes the benefit of the motor in the D80 (and supposedly better af?) is certainly key points for getting the D80. Then again im not so sure she want to swap lenses to begin with, and if im getting her a 30/1,4 sigma and a 50/1,4 af-s including the cheap zoom she can get as kit with the D60 she probebly have more then she need for a while. .-)

  8. My son has the d60, 18-55VR, 55-200VR and sb600. At this point, all he wants is a good p&s, and he's very pleased with the images he's getting with the d60. I like them, too, and considered getting one for myself, but I already have too much gear :-/.
  9. Thanx Frank, sounds good. Now if they only could make the D60 with a motor, and i wouldnt have to think about it lol

    Did you like the UI ? The menus seems alot easier to read and change for someone who dont know what everything is for. .-)
  10. The UI is simple to understand, and the 3" LCD is terrific. The most impressive thing, though, is how well it operates in full auto. My son has no background in photography, but has been pulling off shots like these from the start.

    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)

    View attachment 262473

    View attachment 262474

    A little help from dad in post processing that last shot :cool: .
  11. Looks and sounds good, Frank!


  12. Yes, the D60 is a great choice if the price difference is not too great. Actually, I'm considering one myself as a light hiking and travel camera.
  13. jimeast


    Mar 17, 2008
    Metrowest. MA
    Which camera

    I'm bias, but I would look at the D90 as well. Even if she does not yet use all the features. It has the large LCD and it can take video if she wants.
  14. mike367


    Mar 22, 2008
    I think the D90 as well. She will learn very fast with a great in house teacher.:biggrin: Mike
  15. IIRC, while the D60 has the same 420-segment metering sensor that the D80 has, it's tuned a bit better in firmware so it doesn't blow highlights as readily as the D80. That could be a consideration if she uses it in Auto mode most of the time. It is an easier camera to get started with than the D80, with the menus, slightly better out-of-camera JPEG output, and the aforementioned metering.

    The D80 definitely has more room to grow -- more (slow) focus points, support for screw-drive lenses, CLS commander, etc. Some of these features may never come into play. So it's based on where you think she may be going with this.
  16. Thanx everyone for the advice and tips!

    The D90 is a nice camera no doubt, but its bigger and more expensive and really is to much for her.

    Im thinking a D60 to begin with, and a sigma 30/1,4.

    We are gonna go back this week so she can start them up (the store we went to yesterday didnt have any batteries in their cams) and see how the menus are and snap a few.

    Thanx again.

  17. Hovmod


    Aug 11, 2008
    I got my wife a D40, and although she keeps making jokes about how she has the wife-camera (mine's a D60, so there isn't that much difference... ), she loves it.

    Don't ever make the mistake of underestimating a wife, is all I want to say. "Too much for her" is exactly the kind of expression that doesn't fly here... :D 
  18. Thanx Tor for the advice. .-)

  19. Maybe you should consider weight more then other features when you get a camera for your wife. Of course I don't know your wife and I may be completely wrong here, but I've heard complaints about weight from more than one woman who where not willing to haul around heavy gear for a day trip or whatever. Just a thought.
  20. Here's a clip from a post I made in another thread:

    "I tried to choose between a D40 and an D80 for my wife. I was leaning toward the 40 due to the size difference as either would make excellent photos for her. I gave up trying to make the choice myself and took her to the shop to play with both cameras - she actually preferred the D80 size (and she's like 5'2" with small hands)."

    She got the 80 and loves using it - keeps an 18-200 on it as she enjoys the range and doesn't mind the "creep".
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