New 105mm VR

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by kbaird, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. kbaird


    May 7, 2007
    Midwest, USA
    I received my new 105mm VR in a very crushed box today.

    The lens box was unharmed. How tough are these lenses?

    Does the AF-S hunt because it's a
    macro or because it is damaged?

    It's hunting always indoors, outdoors seems better.
    It hunts more than the other lenses that I have.
  2. Keith,

    Have you tried using the limit switch to help out the AF?
    My recollection from my ownership of the 105vr is that it does hunt on occasion. And because it is a macro with a lot of glass to move, the hunting seems rather slow. When using it as a midrange telephoto (indoor gymnastics), it was never a problem for me as I usually had the opportunity to pre-focus on the general distance of where my subject was going to be.
  3. I dumped my non-VR 105 micro after a day of enduring it's hunting but I just got the VR version and I'm very pleased with it. I haven't had any focusing problems, but I'm running it on a D2X and that thing will focus in light too dim to take a photo.
  4. davidzvi


    Apr 30, 2005
    Yes the 105 does hunt, that is normal. It's one of the reasons I just sold my copy. I had originally gotten it for the focal length and vr for portraits, not for macro (I just don't do that much macro work). But unless I was in the studio I found that I was missing or waiting more than I liked.

    It's a great lens for macro, just not for me.
  5. kbaird


    May 7, 2007
    Midwest, USA
    Well it's been quite a while now and I have
    to say that the lens is working out great.

    It did seem like UPS was sending many crushed boxes
    for a while. Are you supposed to tip them or what?
  6. I only played with one for an hour outside once but I found it did hunt quite a bit more than, say, the 300/4. I guess that's what the focus limiter switch is for!

  7. Its the slowest af-s lens for sure, it does hunt a bit on D200 and below, noticble faster on a D2-series camera.
  8. UPS will eventually "get the message" if enough people refuse to accept shipments arriving in damaged boxes.
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