New 1TB Internal ~ Partition it?

Jan 26, 2005
Haverhill, MA
I've purchased this drive basically for storage of my master files (also backed up externally), but I'm wondering.....

A) Is it beneficial to create a partition for Photoshop and Nikon Capture scratch discs to speed them up? Can this scratch disc simply be directed to use the 1TB itself with no special partitions rather than my main C drive?

B) If the partitions make sense and are required, does each application require it's own partition?

C) Assuming that it is beneficial, is there a Windows Vista app to do this inhernet from within or do I need to purchase something such as Partion Magic?

Thanks in Advance....
Apr 5, 2006
Long Island, NY (ex-London, UK)
For what it's worth (and I'm referring back to my Windows days), I stopped partitioning disks when the addressing capabilities of the operating systems caught up with the physical size of the disks. In fact (just as an aside), I'm more likely to combine drives now to create a larger single logical drive from smaller physical ones (this gives a speed advantage with certain RAID configurations).

Creating a separate partition as a scratch disk for PS or Capture will give no real advantage in this respect as any other disk activity will still be addressing the same physical drive. The poor thing will be trying to write to (say) D & E at the same time, heads flying everywhere. There may be an argument for partitioning as it keeps the scratch disk in one contiguous space (no fragmenting), but I'll let someone else comment on this aspect.

If it were me, I'd keep the 1Tb for the master files and (if I had space) buy a cheap 250Gb as a separate scratch disk (some would say that an expensive 10,000rpm disk is the way to go... but that's not a cheap option). I've always been bitten when using partitioning, so I avoid it... maybe it's just me.
Nov 14, 2005
Jim, My two cents - Tomtom also has said this. Speed benefit from the hardrive is derived from files located at the outer third to half of the hard drive. i.e. files on the outer edge of the hard drive are faster than files located at the center of the hard drive. This is what i am planning to do - (I have 4 drives including a 150GB Raptor 10k rpm for my OS/apps) upgrade my 400GB to an internal 1TB - partition a drive about 200GB for my temp or cache files - partition the rest of the drive for backup of either original nefs or PPed nefs. If I do not partition this way then my temp/cache files are going to be spread across the drive and end up being placed closer to the center as I add more backup files. By partitioning a large drive, you will force the files to be in range on the drive where that partition resides.

And, this is preference, I will be getting a WD 1TB with 32mb cache with 300MBps transfer - probably the WD1001FALS model.


I’ll let others more PhotoShop sensitive than myself comment about partitions and speed.
My own setup is a fast 36Gb 10,000 rpm disk for the OS & programs, then a larger internal disk for the data. I also use the internal disk for an image backup of the OS disk, just in case I need to do a complete reinstall if something screws up my OS disk. External drives are used for backup.

As to your partitioning question, Vista has the ability to create and resize partitions. Open Computer Management (right click on Computer and select Manage). Select Disk Management in the left window and the drives will be in the right window.
Right click on the drive partition of your choice and you can then use the options to change the partition size. Obviously you need to shrink a partition (on a single disk) before you can create a new partition or make another larger.

Good old Partition Magic works great on XP since XP can’t change partition size without lunching the data.
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Apr 30, 2005
sf bay area
i'm with peter, buy a separate drive as your scratch disk. if your data files are on the same disk as your application drive, the heads have to go back and forth from one partition to the other to access the data, which in my experience only slows down your system.

Apr 30, 2005
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Don't think there is any benefit other than maybe organizationally. And yes Scratch on the same physical drive in another partition will probably slow it down instead of speeding it up.

I have 2 drives in a RAID 0 for data and 2 seperate Raptor drives, one for the OS and one for system caches/scratch space. The only thing I'm considering is whether the Raptors are better the way they are or if it would be better to also have them in a RAID 0 array with OS/Programs/Cache all on the array.
Jun 10, 2007
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Two physical hard drives are always superior to one but you already have the terabytel drive so you should make the most of it. I doubt partitioning it will speed anything up but it will let you organize much better. If you have a strictly data partition, it's much easier to back up and you're more likely to do it. I tend to download a lot of freeware and software progarms as well as a lot of utility programs and add-ons. Keeping them on their own partition makes life a lot easier.

By the way, I keep a weekly back up using Acronis on an external hard drive thorugh a USB port.

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