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New 400mm 2.8 VR Update Pictures

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by tiny123, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. cantsee-vi.jpg
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    Just a few for now. Love the sharpness!!! I will take a ton tommorow.
  2. JimboJones

    JimboJones Guest

    great shots looks like a sharp lens. did yours come with the CT-404 case just wondering if that is a soft case or hard case if you have time to send over a shot of it would much appreciate it. I tried searching online even nikonusa.com with no results as to what it looks like.
  3. Those reflect nicely on the lens....
  4. sorry but these are not really a good way to show off this lens
    i know you will post alot better
    congrats on getting my dream lens
  5. TimK


    Apr 17, 2006
    Hong Kong, China
    CT-404 is an aliuminum case. Not really useful as a carrying case.
  6. shtarka1


    Feb 1, 2008
  7. JimboJones

    JimboJones Guest

    I know just for storage when not in use was wondering what the case might look like for it as I know the 300 and 200 come with a soft case carry bag type deal.

    was wondering if the aluminum case was like this not that its a deciding factor but i much prefer the top one to the bottom one pictured. I have yet to sell a few lenses before I can afford this beauty but am very close

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    or more along the lines of this
  8. The case that comes with the lens is useful for one thing only - shipping the lens. Alas, with the "steal me" Nikon logo plastered all over it, do so at your own risk.

    I use this to carry the monster. Can accomodate the lens, a TC and a D3 straight in (with the hood reversed.)


    Excellent bag with room for filter, Sidekick and odds and ends.

    By the way - while the lens is so sharp you can shave with it, the 2 piece lens hood is a major pain in the *ss.

    And lastly - if you don't own a Wimberly Sidekick or a full Wimberly head, consider getting one. If you plan on using it on a tripod, the gimbal arrangement is the only way to go. Handholding it? Well I am 6'1", 210lb ex jock in good shape and there is no way I want to handhold this sucker. I am sure that theoretically, one can use the VR to take a hand held shot.....but I sure as heck can't do it.
  9. Oh - here are a few images to demonstrate what I mean by "sharp". These were taken 2 weeks after the lens was announced using a loaner from NPS. Needless to say, I purchased one the week after I gave the loaner back.


    Awesome piece of glass - especially for sideline sports. Just know that it is still a tad on the short side for birding, especially if you slap a D3 (or a D700) on it because of the full frame effect.

    It does however work quite well with the 1.4 TC (or even the 2X TC with a DX sensor), but on a full frame D3, forget the 2X TC. The "crop" from the DX format effectively just uses the middle of the shot, so the edge softness from a 2X is almost imperceivable on a DX. Switch to full frame though and you'll leave the 2X in your bag.
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  10. Sorry - had a few too many beers with the franks and burgers at the party. Probably should have consolidated my three replies in one.

    Just wanted to add that I totally agree that the Nikon tripod foot that comes with the lens is ridiculous. As the others have said, too large to fit in most bags and acts like a spring to wreak havoc with long shots. By all means, buy an aftermarket foot. RRS and Wimberly each have an excellent short foot. First thing I did when I got the lens was to remove the foot and red loctite the Wimberly on. Hasn't been off yet and probably never will.
  11. Looking sharp! Now time for some birds!
  12. Im sorry my photos showing the sharpness of my lens were not to your standards. Im just showing an example of the sharpness. Not really trying to compose a photo.
  13. WOW dude, those pics of the lion are SWEEEET! SO sharp. i have the 1.7 TC. If its not raining out ims take some pics with it. I was busy with a fireworks shoot.
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  14. Brian, i like the light on the hawk, sometimes under exposed or over exposed pictures work.
    I was watching on ovation tv, a documentary of photography and some wise old owl said that of all of the greatest pictures taken in the history of photography, 99% were mistakes! LOL :biggrin:
  15. Hey Jimbo,

    Yeah i got that hard case thats SCREAMS steal me! But i purchased the nikon CL-L2 soft case 130.00. I feel much better carrying it around in this bag.

    It comes with alot of foam styles so i just tore everything out and put the lens in it with the hood cover on it and a strap with a small strip of padding the bag comes with.


  16. Wow

    Love it..! Really great IQ and very nice DOF
  17. showoff :smile:
    contrast is off the charts good !
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  18. LOL...my standards
    look at the lion pic pal and grow some thick skin
  19. As soon as I hit the lottery I'm getting one of these!
  20. at least this is near the end of the price range and the reach range so maybe i am near to the cure...i wonder what cured will feel like...tg i don't shoot wide....maybe that's what happens after u get cured for long reach glass
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