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New 70-200 2.8 VR11 questions

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by 56 Chevy, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Hi
    Does anyone know when this new lens will be available ?

    Also, I have never had a lens this big -- do you HAVE to use a tri pod -- or with the new VR11 -- can you hand hold this lens and still get a good shot ?

    What do most of you use this lens for -- what are you shooting with it ?

    Thanks in advance
  2. It might be available in November.

    You do not have to use a tripod. It is easy to handhold the lens with the current VR.

    I shoot sports and events.
  3. SP77


    Jun 4, 2007
    Rockville, MD
    I shoot my 70-200 MkI handheld all the time, and the new VRII version will be even better. Tripod or not is more a fatigue issue than a need for the lens, like if you're shooting a long game or something. They're hefty lenses. You'd probably want at least a monopod for shooting sports or other events just to avoid fatigue.
  4. I think the VRII version will be available in November. I have the VRI version and I handhold it all the time. The new one weighs a slight bit more but not by much. How much one can carry and for how long of course depends on the individual. I am fine with it for a few hours, then it can get a little heavy. If I am shooting an event, like I did recently, I often rest it on my knees or something between shots. I use the 70-200 alot when I shoot candids and portraits. I don't like to get up too close to people because sometimes it can make them act unatural. I like to capture events as they unfold. For my style of shooting, I think it is a GREAT lens!
  5. Mark
    I am considering this lens for candids and portraits as well -- so your comments hit the nail on the head
    Thanks so much
  6. fwiw...

    I sold mine last year in anticipation of the introduction of version 2. It is a longer/heavier lens than any you show in your sig, but easily manageable hand-held. I would often take a camera with 300/2.8 on a monopod (with TCs as needed), and another camera over my shoulder with the 70-200 for a day walking around a racetrack. The combo would indeed be tiring for an old guy, but it was perfect for road course photos.

    When I sold mine I picked up a 70-300VR and have used it for the last year while waiting on v2. Honestly, if you don't need the speed or TCs or ultimate sharpness (which I assume the new v2 will have) you may already have the lens you need. My 70-300 is very satisfying and I'm not sure I'll buy the new v2 as I'd originally planned, given that I have other long/fast lenses available if I'm willing to lug them. (but now that I think about that statement, I know that one night the bug will bite and it'll be on the way from B&H, so don't pay any attention to me...)
  7. I have a question about this lens.
    I am going to want to pick up a 70-200 2.8 for portraits and I REALLY want to go Nikon but the price is steep and may take a while.

    My question though, is the VRII lens going to be a lot better or would I be OK getting a VRI?
  8. Wow - allow me to jump in with a totally unqualified observation - HUH?!

    All I have to say is if VR REALLY allows handholding the majority of the time as implied here, as soon as some real hands-on reviews tell the story, I may indeed sell my 80-200AFS. It's a wonderful lens, but still requires due diligence with regards to long lens technique. I'm reasonably steady, but I still can't get consistent shots with it below 1/200 @ 200 - especially if shooting close in opened up.

    I posted the question in here a few weeks ago (just before the announcement was official) whether this lens might be worth selling my AFS for - the strong majority said NO! If I can handholds this new lens at 1/100 and slower @ 200 (the specs claim an unbelievable 4 stops), it's not only desirable, but borders on necessary!

    Definitely watching with even more interest now...
  9. Jessie - regarding your question specifically...
    Since you don't already have an older version of the 80-200, this is definitely one of the workhorse lenses that most pro and serious shooters keep handy. Maybe the VR1 version was on the bubble when compared the the 80-200AFS, but this new version sounds pretty interesting. That said, since you're shooting a DX body, and since at least 90% of shooters using the VR1 on FX bodies never observed or complaine d about vignetting, I'd definitely consider it! For the next month or so prices should be pretty interesting for used VR1s. The reviews may make prices fall more, or if the lens doesn't meet the hype, they'll remain steady. I guess if the lens is a real bomb (unlikely) theoretically with the jump in MSRP, the VR1s could actually appreciate a little - but again, that's unlikely. Watch the market, check KEH every week or so, and wait as long as you can - then snag one!
  10. v1 was an excellent portrait lens for me - whether DX or FX you're not really worried about the corners. If I were looking primarily for portrait work, I'd watch used prices for awhile and see if they drop as the v2 becomes available.

    Pinetop Perkins
  11. It's going to be a while for me to get a 70-200 i need to get an UWA and strobist flash setup first haha.
  12. UWA is my next mountain to climb as well.....

    My 85 f/1.4 and 105 VR are keeping me busy in the short tele range and the Sigma 70-200 gets the job done when I need the extra reach

    although I will spring for the 70-200 someday
  13. Here is the VR1 70-200

    Perfect for portraits, macro-ish, sports, and journalism work.

  14. Ron
    Love the shot of Pinetop Perkins
    He lives here in Austin and I go see him perform often
    I love the Blues -- and this guy is one of my all time favorites
    His version of "Kansas City" just knocks me out !!
  15. Thanks Art. I've only seen him twice; at a festival in Cincinnati where this shot was taken, and at B.B. King's club in NYC. Blew me away on both occasions.
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