New 86" PCB Parabolic

Apr 14, 2005
Southern California
There is a thread over at Fred Miranda on it. So far the example images shown with it aren't very good but to be fair are bad examples with any modifier. I would think PCB would post images taken with a pro on their site to show what the product does. For me, an umbrella this large is pretty cumbersome unless you have a lot of space and outside it would be difficult to keep wind from destroying it.
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Mar 27, 2008
SW Ohio
I might try out the 42"s. I shoot outside a bit and in tight quarters, so like Hecky said above me that 86" is out of the question.
Mar 31, 2007
Middle Tennessee
I was in the AB Demo room on Friday, and that thing is HUGE!!!!

When opened it looks like a big wall of sheet metal!!! OMG!!!

Did not get to try it out, but I thought about taking one home with me!
You know the wife would KILL me for sure if I had...

I'm thinking it will be amazing!!!!!
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