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New Canon Compacts: S90 and G11

Discussion in 'Non-Nikon System Cameras' started by mspell, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. Looks like the Panasonic Lumix LX3's success has knocked some sense into Canon.


    New G11 is only 10MP. S90 also 10MP, shoots RAW and is f/2 at 28 mm end. As much as I love my LX3 these Canon's look like they might be pretty nice compacts too.

    Now why can't Nikon get a clue? Are serious photographers more interested in a compact that is usable in low light, good IQ, great manual control options - or do they want to have a built in projector or touch screen controls?

    - Marty
  2. I like that lens control ring feature on the S90.
  3. Yes - it looks like it would be a nice way to quickly change ISO or other settings.

    - Marty
  4. marioni


    Jan 22, 2006
    What makes you think G11 will be usable in low light?
  5. Usability in low light is all relative. What I consider to be usable in low light might not be the same as what you think.

    Canon is reducing the resolution of their G series from 14.7 MP to 10.0. I'm assuming they are doing this to improve the image quality at higher ISO's. In their press release they are claiming "up to 2 stops" improvement of "noise performance" compared to the G10.

    I personally need a compact that allows me to take close ups in the forest or on cloudy days, handheld. With it's combination of image stabilization, decent quality at ISO 400, relatively large aperture, RAW format, and fairly wide angle focal length, my LX3 is the best compact that I have tried so far. A few stops of improvement in this regard makes a huge difference to me.

    - Marty
  6. marioni


    Jan 22, 2006
    Dont believe everything you read.
  7. I don't.

    - Marty
  8. It's entirely possible that reducing the MP's by 30% in addition to improved processing will result in better noise performance. While these cameras should both be great at the wide end, it's unfortunate that Canon didn't offer a lens starting at 24mm. Then again, I think that Panasonic relies on a good bit of distortion correction in camera to achieve what they did with the LX-3.
  9. snegron


    Jul 29, 2007
    SW Florida
    A little detail everyone seemed to have overlooked is that while the G11 is 2.0 at 28mm, from 30mm on it starts out at f6.1!!! Yikes! I hope their IS is really, reaaly good at that aperture in low light!
  10. As I understand it, assuming dpreview has the correct info, the aperture of the G11's zoom lens ranges from F/2.8 - F/4.5. The actual focal length of the lens (not 35mm equiv) ranges from f/6.1 - f/30.5

    - Marty
  11. Weston


    Dec 29, 2008
    Springfield, OR
  12. Indeed, I want to see a side by side comparisation.
  13. TetonTom


    Aug 28, 2008
    Colorado, USA
    Way cool! I love shooting in Aperture Priority, and it would be great to have an actual aperture ring!
    And then there's the other little control dial that I could use for ISO or Exposure Compensation...
    I bought a Lumix 500-something-something last year for my wife for x-mas. Touch screen, zoom with your fingers, touch-spot follow-focus; too many bells and whistles. We ended up selling it 4 months later for half of what we paid, because the bottom-line IQ wasn't as good as our 3-year-old 8MP Canon.
    This Canon S90 is definitely on my list!
  14. I played with the new G11, last night, wasn't thrilled. The body seems to be cheaply-made although it's probably no worse than my old G6. It operated very smoothly, but you can't attach a lens shade.

    The 28-140mm range is somewhat limited, slowish aperture, I guess that's typical for a compact. Keep in mind you only close down to f/8 or so on these cameras.

    The swivel LCD is great, that's one of the best features to have in any camera, glad to see the D5000 has one.

    Anyway, that's $600 I won't be spending.......
  15. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005
    I read all of the reviews on these 2 Canon products. They look really good, but the LX-3 still beats them in several key areas, such as the lens quality, low light capability, grip, build quality to name a few. I decided on 2) LX-3'a for wife and me. J&R has black and silver in stock; BING discounts the cost by $25 each.

    The image quality is amazing. I now see why such a fuss has been made over the LX-3. Highly recommend.
  16. S90 vs LX3

    I've have both the LX3 and S90 now, and find that for the type of shooting I do, I much prefer the LX3. I tend to do a lot of closeups and tend to shoot at wide angle and normal focal lengths. In fact, looking at the shots I've made so far with the S90, less than 5% were made at a focal length greater than 50mm (35mm equiv). The macro capability of the S90 is not even close to the LX3's.

    However, if you really need the very small size and/or the longer focal lengths, and don't care too much about macros/closeups, then the S90 is the best little compact available right now.

    Anyone interested in a slightly used Canon S90 with a few extras for a good price, send me a private email. Otherwise it will probably be on eBay in a week or so.


    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 25, 2009
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