New Dragons

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  1. From Horseshoe Pond, CVNP last weekend. For all but one I used Nikon 200mm micro. After shooting these dragons, I changed lenses to my 80-400 VR "workhorse" lens to shoot a heron and bullfrog. I put the camera on the bumper of my Chevy Suburban, which is quite deep. I put my dog in the car and the camera took a rollie off the bumper, breaking the lens. The body is missaligned, optics are probably okay. It is on it's way to the Nikon hospital. Waaa. D200 is fine, Yea!

    Blue Dasher


    Twelve Spotted Skimmer

    View attachment 102941

    Common Whitetail

    View attachment 102942

    Widow Skimmer

    View attachment 102943

    Pond Hawk

    View attachment 102944

    Another Pond Hawk

    View attachment 102945

    And my favorite:

  2. Sorry to hear about your lens, hope it's not too expensive.

    Nice dragons.

  3. SSchex


    May 18, 2005
    Louisiana, USA
    Excellent shots. Aren't the last 3 blue dasher males?
  4. Nice shots! I hope your lens can be repaired. I like the Twelve Spotted Skimmer very much. Thanks for sharing them.
  5. I thought #1 to be a blue dasher and the last three male pond hawks. But upon closer examination, they are missing the little white "ends". Yep, blue dashers! Thanks for the correction. There are pond hawks at that pond usually also.
  6. Nice series! Beautiful dragons!
  7. tojor


    Jul 27, 2005
    Wow, that's serious lens to loose. Hope it's ok. Beautiful dragons.
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