New Drum! Post your instruments!

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  1. Hello all!

    I just finished a snare drum project I have been doing couple of months. The work itself didn´t take long but company making the shell send a wrong one at firts so I needed to wait douple time.

    This snare drum is a clone of a legendary wooden Rogers Dyna-Sonic from 60s. Original wooden Dynas from that era can go as high as 2000-5000$ and I think even higher prices have been paid for the rarest of them. So, there´s the reason for building a clone. Original Rogers parts were used in this project, exept the tuning rods and the batter side rim... It´s a darn gorgeous snare, sound as great as a Dyna should and I´m sure it makes me 1000 times better drummer I really am :smile:

    These shots were taken with D200 and Tamron 17-50 f/2.8







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  2. My piano, valued at over $50,000


    My dad's violin, valued at over $6,000


    Both my parents are music professors, if you're wondering :)
  3. Cool! I just posted some in these threads (which aren't getting much response :frown:):

    I also took some pics of my wife's violin and turned them into a collage, which got printed on canvas for above her piano:

    Neither one is particularly valuable. I never took pics of my Takamine guitar before I sold it, b/c I sold it to buy my DSLR!!! :tongue:
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