New England Sand Sculpting Festival in Revere (Boston) Sunday 20th Jul

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  1. hi guys,

    I'm meeting up w/ a few folks I've met over on the Nikonians board on Sunday, 20th July to shoot the New England Sand Sculpting Festival in Revere (or is that Reveah :biggrin:).

    We're going to meet between 5:30 and 6:00PM at Kelly's Roast Beef. Most will be bringing a tripod as they'd like to get some sunset shots. After, we are going to head back into Boston to do some more shooting.

    Most will be taking the T (Blue Line) over. I'm planning on parking @ Faneuil Hall and getting the Blue Line over at Aquarium.

    Hope to see you there. Note that Gretchen suggests bringing a 70/80-200 as they don't let you get too close to the creations. Also, the schedule shows Sunday as family/amateur day, "masters" is on Sat. We've been reassured by someone who has gone before that the masters' creations remain up for awhile. It also may be less crowded on Sunday night.
  2. I might be interested. What time are you heading in?
  3. Thought I'd head into the city ~4 or so...give me time to park and get over there...don't mind being early, lot to see over at the beach....
  4. Great see you there. I'm easy to spot (6' 6") with a couple of D300. LOL!
  5. hey, put some quick pics up here....
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