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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ken-L, Jul 15, 2005.

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    This may be a great item for the NikonCafe to sell under it's own brand name, but first I need to come up with prices for these. The prices shown were suggested by our engineering team and reflect the direct cost of materials, development, engineering, pre-marketing, and assembly.
    • Single Diffuser
      Bulk Diffuser for Resale
      Professional Diffuser Kit
    Please let us know your opinion of how these should be priced for market maximization. There will be a "Pre-Introductory Special" of 20% off Retail. Shipping is $15 to the Continental US Only.

    Universal Diffuser for Small, Medium & Large Flash - $7.95


    Universal Diffuser - Bulk Quantity for Resale - $77.95

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    Professional Universal Diffuser - Includes 1 Customizing and Attachment Kit, 1 Diffuser, 1 Bulk Diffuser Dispenser - $149.99

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  2. Hey,

    Where do I get the Professional Kit????

    Because It's all about the GEAR !!!!!!

    Great Idea...and I know just where to put the used diffuser and bad shots!

  3. we could make a fortune selling this on ebay in kits with flashes as the "pro accessory package" for an extra $75 or so......
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    Mike - Yes, it IS about the GEAR, isn't that what separates the men from the boys?

    Harrison - I'm sure we're on to something BIG - I think it's the next "Ginsu Knife", wait until you see the un-tripod I'm working on!
  5. Are those 2-ply diffusers or 1-ply?
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    These are 1-Ply Diffusers, so you really get double the product for the money, because the Bulk Dispenser produces 2 Diffusers that have been Factory Assembled into a 2-piece package!

    If we find users need help in separating the 2-Pack, we will sell a special tool made just for that purpose - it is patented, trade-marked, and only available for a limited time for an additional $2.95 if ordered at the same time!

    And remember: If you are travelling in Europe you may want to carry an extra Bulk Dispenser. There are times when you just can't find it when you need it.

  7. Can I use this in place of the Expodisc as well? Do you have any further specs on this. I need to make sure it'll work with my gear before I put in an order. ;)
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    No, I'm very sorry, our product cannot replace the Expodisc, you use them on different parts of your body (don't go there - that's CAMERA body).

    You can use both products at the same time; it's easier than walking and chewing gum, but does take a period of adjustment.

    Order now.........