new Imac time capsule

Nov 20, 2007
Rotterdam Holland
I just found out that waiting a while can safe big bucks/pecunia.
Since a few weeks i have a 1TB 24" Imac with wireless keyboard and mouse.
A friend adviced me to buy a new extern harddrive for backups.." A 1TB time capsule will do great for you" he sayed.Great gadget with wireless router,plus you lose a few other wires on your pc.Fine..up to the Istore to see the price......475 euro!!:eek::eek:A 500 gig cost "only" 260 euro.
Sofar so good.Money dont grow easy on my back,but still i need a good 1TB drive In the Istore i found a 1TB Lacie for 200 something euro
Last Wednesday,i had time to go to the shop and buy me a Lacie. In the shop i see all the drive with 25% discount;" my lucky day" i sayed." I can make you even more happy" he replied( frowned my eyes) The 1TB time capsule now only cost 260 euro!" Mac released a 2TB this week that go for 475 euro.
Remarkable that nobody knew about this new capsule till it was in the shop.
500gig no longer availible. Strange that no one would dare to say what would happen when you bought a 1TB a week ago.
Mar 19, 2007
I'm an Apple user but I've got an older iMac and its hard drive is "only" 250gb. I've been thinking of getting an external hd for backup as prices seem to be coming down and capacity going up.


Apr 26, 2008
Up in the hills, Gloucestershire, UK
Not sure what a Timecapsule does that an ordinary disk doesn't, but the current price here for a 1TB USB Lacie external drive is £35, i.e. about 42 euro. Even if you add a wireless router costing another £30 things don't seem to add up.

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