New lens: AiS 105mm f1.8 [Pics]

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Classic_Man, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. Got this fat baby today from eBay...thanks Andreas Berglund for pointing me in this direction.

    A huge chunk of glass:Exclamati , easy to focus even in a dark room.

    I was surprised at how good this lens is even wide open, at f1.8. Bokeh is nice, transition into OOF areas is also appealing.

    Taken wide open (f1.8), 5 feet away, Nikon SB-800 flash with LSPJ Diffuser:

    NO SHARPENING whatsoever; camera sharpening set to OFF.
    Focussing distance was 5 feet (1.5m); can is 8.75 inches tall.

    Shallow depth of field, nice smooth bokeh, nice transitions into OOF areas:

    100%crop, transition into OOF area behind subject (the can):
    View attachment 20190

    100%crop, transition into OOF area in front of subject (the can):
    View attachment 20191

    More samples can be seen here:

    I hope this helps somebody....the amount of help I've received in the few days I've been here is amazing.

    regards to all,
  2. Congratulations!

    It's a very nice lens, I like it a lot, and so does Bjorn, that why I bought it.
  3. Andreas, I have located a Noct....

    ....a 19xxxx series in used condition, recently serviced...I'm trying to get him down to at least $1650...

    will let you know.

    Thanks for everything....for your patient help.

    If you ever decide to come to Malta, or anyone of your family decides to do so, please let me know.

  4. When I want to travel around light, I'll bring this along together with my 17-55.
  5. Besides to the 28/2.8AiS and the 50/1.8Ai the 105/1.8 is my most beloved MF-Nikkor.

    At f/1.8 you have a very small dof so exact focussing on near or middle distances is a must.

    At least my sample was very sharp @ f/2.8 and stunning from f/4.0 on.

    best regards
  6. Good luck. I think that is too high I would wait a bit, there will be more around...

    Yes the 105 is so sweet here is one at F1.8 I took while trying mine out, DOF is incredibly shallow but then again this was at it's closest focusing distance...

  7. Nice pic Andreas....

    I went ahead & ordered the lens.

    I figured out I could postpone purchase & wait for an indefinite/undefined amount of time, or start enjoying using it sooner.

    I went for the latter option. Let's hope it doesn't take too long to arrive...i just learnt that it is being shipped from the US vis DHL..... the most inefficient postal service in Europe, I'm afraid :Sad:

    How's this for 105mm f1.8 sharpness:
    (ISO 400 100% crop, unsharpened, f2)

    I'm enjoying these manual focus gems even more than my AF lenses.
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