new lens???

Jun 5, 2008
For your price range check out the classic Nikkor 400 3.5 ED-IF AIS. Same and front element diameter and weight as the Nikkor 300 2.8 ED-IF AIS. But with an extra 100mm of focal length reach. Which is more of a difference than it sounds in print. The I.Q of Nikkor 400 3.5 ED-IF will smoke "any" zoom in its price range and the 3.5 F-stop is a huge bonus in keeping the shutter speeds up. Which is "one" of the keys in obtaining sharp Images with Nikkor super telephoto's. The internal focus makes focusing quick and sure, at least for me. And matched with a TC-14B the 400 3.5 ED-IF AIS you will have a tack sharp 560 F4.9 and with a TC-301 you will get a 800 F7 which is still bright enough to manual focus IMO.
Iv seen some on E-bay lately in minty condition for less than $2000.US. So you would still have enough left over to grab the T.C 14b.
Im not sure what body your shooting with but with my Nikon D2H and the D3
all of the Nikkor AIS super telephoto's Iv got 200, 400, 600, 800 are all excellent, especially on the D3.
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