New M1 Macbook Pro - first thoughts LRC

Oct 25, 2007
Potomac Falls, VA
👍👍Here are my initial thoughts as I traded in my 2018 Macbook Pro 15 inch i7 2.6ghz with 16gb of ram on a 13" Macbook Pro with 16gb. My upgrade path was from a 2009 iMac finally in 2018 to the 15 laptop using a 25" Dell 2.5k secondary display to the M1 MBP. I was hoping the 2018 MBP would last a few more years. I do all my image processing using LRC with Drobo 5D for storage. Cameras are D850 and Z6 RAW files.

I was up to date on all software updates. In late December the MBP threw a battery alert. Diagnostics indicated it needed to be replaced. I also noticed the case seemed swollen on the bottom. Fortunately, I had Apple care and the battery was replaced at no cost. The fan would run constantly when I was in develop mode with the 15" MBP. And as I ended a working session the fan would spin down a minute after the LR catalog closed. A few other things bothered me. Scrolling through recently ingested images the second display took a few seconds to render in focus. When I would zoom to 100% or 200%, the photo would pixelate for about 5 seconds. I also started processing some drone, GoPro and Nikon video files. I moved to ingesting all files onto the MBP HD until I finished post processing. I ran diagnostics but nothing else was detected. Other apps weren't open to impact memory/processor

My primary use for this setup is business. Occasionally, multiple Office apps caused the swirling ball to freeze the machine and forced me to shut down the laptop. I was getting frustrated.

Trade in value was still pretty good. AppleCare expires on the 15 mid 2021 so I pressed order on Dec 28. Since the config with 16gb is "special" it took until Jan11 for delivery.

Setup was easy except waiting 2.5 hours for the Time Machine restore. When all was ready, I opened LRC which popped that Rosetta was required. Reopened LRC and then compared a few processes. Ingest speed was equivalent from XQD reader to USB C adaptor. Scrolling through the images, the second display popped in focus instantly in M1 vs. 3-4 seconds for Z6 files on the 15 MBP. Develop mode in the M1 there is no fan running. Running auto image correct or doing several edits/crops/adjustments there is no lag on the M1. Copying settings from one image to another or group on the M1 there was no lag. Even scrolling through images on the Drobo I noticed no lag in my 50k catalog. I will try video files over the weekend but the 2018 MBP will be on its way back to Apple.

I will provide updates and issues if encountered. Waiting for the native Adobe Cloud versions to appear :)
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Feb 11, 2009
I just ordered the same machine. Mine won’t be here until February 1. My 6 year old 15” MBP needed a new logic board so I decided to not repair and pick up the M1 MBP. My usage sounds about the same as yours.

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