New Mexico Santero Religious Art

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  1. Here's a gallery of photos I took a while back. The photos were shot at the Santa Fe Spanish Market in July of 2004. Spanish Market is the largest sale and exhibition of traditional Hispanic religious art in the USA. I was testing my friend's new D70 and subsequently bought one based on the quality of the images I took. I used the kit lens and onboard flash.
  2. The photo's are colorful and well done. You really gave the D70 a work out that day. I noticed your disclaimer at the bottom and wondered if you had problems when photographing others art. I was given a real hard time when doing that here in St. George. Course I just put on a longer lens and captured what I wanted anyway.
  3. Thanks Gordon. I didn't have too many problems, a couple of vendors asked that I not take pictures but I always asked for their permission before shooting (didn't have a big long lens..). They mostly seemed to be OK so long as I didn't use the photos commercially. I think the problem you get is where people take pictures of their art and them sell them. I put the disclaimer on my site to prevent people from using them commercially as well as giving the artists a chance to contact me if they didn't want their art displayed.
  4. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Nice colorful images and well done.
    Went to a craft fair a couple weeks ago and did not have to many probs. Only a couple asked not to take photos.
    Like I don't have enough of my own. lol
  5. Great images of great art.

    I better hide this from my wife. She loves everything New Mexico and everything Mexican. We have enough Southwestern art in the house! :biggrin:
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