New Nikon 70-200 Lens

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  1. So, I thought about upgrading last year - then thought, how much better can it really be? The day Glenn shot some skating beside me I spoke to him about his. Ok, maybe I should take the plunge...

    This weekend was the second time I used it (first time I looked at the photos) and saw this. Holy cow chips.... this was just one of a few thousand I took yesterday and is straight out of camera - nothing done to it not even cropped. I am really stunned by the IQ (D500, 1250 2.8 1/500). Ice-18-2325289-D51_3752.JPG
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  2. Wow, that is a very nice photograph.
  3. MNglass


    Dec 7, 2005
    Great shot! What did you upgrade from?
  4. JusPlainCrayzee

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    Oh my - that is stunning! What a wonderful photo!
  5. great shot
  6. Great shot for the new 70-200 f/2.8 E
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  7. I'm in serious love with my 70-200E FL. Beautiful shot Kevin.
  8. Since getting my D850 I've been seriously debating replacing my Tamron 70-200 with the Nikon E....(along with the 24-70)....this is not helping me save my money.... :-P
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  9. He he, ha ha :D:D:D
  10. Does this mean I get to blame you when my CC is short a few K? ;-)

    I'm actually going to go thru and AF-Fine tune my Tamrons and see if maybe I'm not a little out of wack...I'm just being lazy about it right now (when I actually shouldn't be being lazy about it)....
  11. Sure, why not . . . .:devil:
  12. It's not about nailing AFT Tim, although razor sharp it's about how the E FL renders that makes it so special. It has a "real" feel to it that makes it so special IMHO. Resistance is futile, you will NOT be sorry.:)(y)
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  13. Yeah - I know but I'm trying to be frugal. ;) Every image I see from the 70-200 just pushes me a little closer to pulling the trigger. And I think the 70-200 will be first over the 24-70 as well....maybe my lottery tix will finally pay off this week... :D
  14. Thanks for the kind comments on the photo - my intent was just to show how amazing this lens is. I have my Tamron up for sale (was a backup to the older VR II).
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  16. That is an outstanding photograph. Helps to have a beautiful young model, too.
  17. Thanks Jim - I was in the right place at the right time.... :)