New Orleans Musician portraits

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  1. Here in Arkansas I've been running into a lot of hurricane Katrina refugees who've relocated from New Orleans to try and continue with their lives as artists and musicians. I recently decided to start photographing some them and create an exhibit of sorts to chronicle the story of displaced artists from New Orleans. I hope to illustrate the effect of this disaster on the artistic community of this city, who must now struggle to remake their lives after the disaster. This first set of portraits is of Zaza, a very talented jazz pianist who's originally from Georgia (as in former Soviet republic). Zaza's home was ruined by the hurricane and it took him several hours just to find his house due to all the damage when he went back to collect his belongings. He and his family survived the hurricane though many of his belongings did not. After this shoot, he decided to return to his home in Georgia rather than trying to rebuild in New Orleans.

    These photos were shot with the Fuji S3 and Nikon 50mm f1.8 lens:



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