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new shots from 17th of may and a camping trip..

Discussion in 'People' started by tommhans, May 22, 2007.

  1. well ive got some pics from 17th of may(norways national day) and some pics i took this weekend at a camping trip in a place in norway called Randøy (oh btw, i do know its not only portaiture/people pic but since they all were taken that day i just keep em in this thread)
    Pics from Randøytrip:
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    From 17th of may:
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    More pictures HERE
  2. please comment;) 
  3. Finger off the trigger, bud!!!

    Neat little gun, is that a .22? What's the minimum barrel length in Norway?
  4. i dunno wot caliber it is and i dunno the minumum barrel lenght, its my friends gun ;) 
    but yeah it was a fun gun :D 
  5. I like the composition of photos #3 and #7 (especially #7 with it's row of flags...I love that shot!).

    I think the use of selective colour works well in photo #8. I'd like it even more if I could see more of the flag (unfurled a bit more).

    As for #1 and 2, they make me cringe a bit: I'm not a big fan of seing firearms pointed towards someone, in this case the photographer. I've heard of too many nasty accidents happening that way (while people thought that the thing was unloaded!)... but that's besides the point...just paranoid me talking!

    Overall, very nice photos!!!
  6. tnx for comments;)  , they were unloaded btw, and there were no bullets in it :p 
  7. Tommy, #1 & #2 are my favorites. Excellent DOF to create the shot (no pun intended :eek: ).
  8. The first and last are my favorites. I'm not usually into selective color but it works well here. It's nice to see that you enjoy sport shooting. Your photos remind me of when I was growing up and me and my friends would go off into the woods camping with our 22's.

    When you grow up with guns and learn how to use them from your parents you don't fear them. Back then you could walk down the road with a rifle and no one would think anything.

    Today, it's different and we are poorer for it.
  9. Amen!!
  10. Don't get me wrong Woody, I'm not afraid of guns...quite the opposite. I've been handling them since I was just a little kid (I thank my dad and uncles for that). I'm actually doing the same thing with my eldest son so that he too can enjoy that sport and learn how to handle firearms safely. To this day, I still enjoy going to the range or sand pit to shoot at some targets. It's just that pointing a gun towards someone breaks one the prime rules that I've always been tought: never point the muzzle towards someone regardless of the gun being loaded or not.

    You're absolutely right there!!!

    Anyways, it does make for a neet photo.
  11. heh, they were afraid of that gun but not me :p 
    since its what u call air shotgun(or something like that) in norwegian its luftgevær, its still harmful, but not in most cases casual, but ofcourse i think to many games hav actually taken away my awareness of how bad damage i could get :p 
    but tnx for comments ;) 
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