New Tenants: Brown Thrashers

Discussion in 'Birds' started by DW Brewer, May 25, 2007.

  1. We have some new tenants building a nest in the wisteria arbor: a pair of Brown Thrashers have usurped the territory previously claimed by finches and cardinals. They have set about nest building with a vengance, hauling in enough material to make several nests. These images were taken through double-paned windows, so levels and curves have been applied to recover the contrast and saturation; originally shot in RAW and converted in RSP.

    D2Hs +120-300+2XTC, ISO 200

    - 79389100.jpg

    - 79389102.jpg
  2. A cool species. I like the first view best. With the nest building you should have many more photo ops with these guys.