New to "strobist" studio stuff...

Aug 12, 2007

so i finally took a blunge, i was kinda forced to :eek:... one week before neste oil rally finland i managed to corpse my SB-800... so i had to bought another one.

well i took it to nikon finland, in the rally press center.. and they took it in for repair.. and nikon pays for the repairs they said.. (the warranty is long gone) wow id say what a nice service on nikon finland! :Love:

well anyways that was nice.. but i though nicer was they letted me use a D3 for a whole day :eek: and i thought there woudnt be much difference between D300 and D3.. but even the viewfinder is from different planet :rolleyes:
and used a 600VR for a short time... aaaahhh what a nice time in rally :)

hmmm.. i got a bit carried away, but since i now have 2 SB800's i bought lightstands and shoot through umbrellas ..

and would like some basic infos :)

-is there any "normal" settings for camera... M mode of course , but shutter / aperture ?

-and ISO 200 or ? (D300)

-i suppose proper light height is abit above subject eye level, (unless u want some effect by light)

-what about light ratio when using main/fill light? any rule of thumb?

and then any links would be greatly appriciated i allready know the strobist blogspot site.. but many more will be welcome.


ps. D3 might have gave me abit of fever... (iam pretty shure nikon made it on purpose to let me use it for the day......)

my 35-70 & 70-200 i luv them on FF sensor ( i barely use 35mm on DX )
Apr 12, 2008
Corona, Ca
Most strobists keep everything in manual (camera and flash) then adjust for the desired exposure and effect (usually at the lowest iso..obviously this can bumped up if more light is needed). After several shoots you start getting the hang what settings you need to start out with making things a bit quicker.
Sep 2, 2007
Always in manual, and usually ISO 400. Adjust the shutter speed to best work with your camera speed, and then just work with the power/aperture to get what you're looking for.

Works for me!

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