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New toys - follow-up

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Harry S., Jul 28, 2005.

  1. Eventually, yesterday evening I had time to get the remaining gadgets operational.
    The Wacom tablet already worked like a charm.
    Monitor calibration showed that my visual calibration (Adobe Gamme) was not so way off - the display is a tad darker now.

    But the printer .....

    The first color prints were a catastrophe, which was my fault - double profiling, wrong gamma setting, etc.

    Finally, I got more or less decent results. The only problem to solve is that the color prints are slightly too dark (about half to one stop).

    I downloaded the latest drivers and profiles, but ran out of paper so I could not test whether this helps or not.
    I cannot imagine that something is wrong with the monitor profile because on my Canon i950 the prints looked perfect except for the colors being a bit too vibrant.
    Dark prints in R800/1800 or even the 2400 have been reported very often in various fora but so far noone has come up with a proper solution (updated drivers helped in a few cases).

    I have not much experience with custom profiles, but as far as I know they will effect only the color accuracy. Does anybody know if such profiles (e.g. made with profile prism, etc.) will also correct dark output, at least to some extent?

    B/Ws come out great, BTW.
  2. Thise dark prints are a bit of a surprise. Surely Epson Europe have a support line?
    I had it happen with my R800 and eventually it was found to be Microsoft's SP2 that was the problem. I unintalled it and the printer worked fine. I believe that Epson have now sorted out this problem on their later R800 models. Mine was one of the very first to be sold.
    How I HATE Microsoft.
    BW. Bob F.
  3. Bob, thanks for this heads-up. I remember now that I recently read something about that issue in the DPR printing forum.
    Today evening I will try again with the new drivers.
  4. Halleluya!

    Downloaded and installed the latest driver and profiles and now the prints are more or less spot on. Oddly enough, the driver from the US site was newer than the one from the European site :?

    Still I will invest the money to get some profiling software, at least profile prism because it's affordable.

    I will drain a glass of good 24 year old Single Malt now to celebrate that all my new gadgets cooperate.

    Have a nice evening (for Europeans) and a nice day (for those across the lake).
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