New voightlander lens. No warranty and registration card?

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by carauction, May 19, 2011.

  1. Just received a new Voigtlander 58 1.4. Bought it from The Photo Village in NYC. One of two authorized dealers in USA.

    The serial number on the lens is recorded on the Bill of Sale. However, there is no matching serial number on the box...gonna have to check my Nikon boxes to see if they have a matching number on the box.

    There is no warranty or registration card in the box. I believe this is noted on Cameraquest's website, the other USA authorized dealer.

    Of cause I am going to call the dealer tomorrow. But anyone know if this is indeed par for the course?

  2. Neither my CV 58 f1.4 nor the CV 40 f2 had a card or the serial # on the boxes, Mike.
    Former was bought from B&H and the latter from CameraQuest. No biggie, almost 2 yrs
    of joyful shooting have come and gone with no issues. Enjoy!! :biggrin:
  3. Thanks Will...then guess there is no need to bust chops at the store:smile:

    It is a wonderfully built lens. Few shots I have taken does not seem to be that overexposure issue that you read about.

  4. You bet! That "overexposure" knock was primarily (punny, huh?!) aimed at the
    CV 20 f3.5 ...worse on some body's than others. My last one was off 1/3 stop
    and easily factored in. Have since gone to the 20 f3.5 AIS as it laughs at sun/flare. :wink:
  5. jr1966


    Feb 21, 2011
    My CV 20 f3.5 has a bit of overexposure. A -1 on the exposure compensation balances it quite nicely. My 40 f2 has no overexposure. The 58 f1.4 is on my wishlist. Even though I love my Zeiss lenses, I like the compact size, lightness and price of the Voigtlanders.
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