new website, feedback please

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by davied, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. I think it's pretty cool! I know it's the design, but the only thing I find slightly irritating is going back to the gallery. I am used to pressing a button on my mouse to go back, not clicking a link. I can live with it though.
  2. hahaha im use to that to, thank you!
  3. I'd agree with that comment. Ease of use is key.
  4. I just wonder if you will put off some potential clients with your opening graphic - to me that is kids stuff but we are in an adult world - maybe I am showing my age ;).
  5. I'd agree with Phil. That opening page is a little off-putting. The rest of the site is cool.
  6. thanks for the comments, the splash image is of Lord Narasimha(a hindu god). more info it...
    also the people who we're trying to attract would know about krishna conscious and hindu.
  7. I hear what you are saying Davied, but the photos inside are pretty well mainstream. On life you can take two paths, one is broad and wide and pretty soon you find a path that is narrow and pretty and well formed if you are observant enough. Or you can start on the narrow path that soon peters out to nothing and you have to start again. Is that Hindu enough or too Zen for your liking ;) (just kidding of course)
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