New Zeiss 135/2

Jun 26, 2010
Redwood City, CA

For a long time I've coveted the Zeiss 100/2 Macro, but considered it just too close to my 105/2.8 VR to justify the high price.

Now this new lens doesn't focus to 1:2 like the 100mm, but 1:4 is more than adequate and since it has a diaphragm, I can use my old Nikon tubes if I want closer focusing.

I really like the longer focal length with the same f2 for isolation and the cost is only a bit higher...

Anyone else find this an attractive offering? I wish Nikon would continue with their f1.8 series and add a 135.
Dec 28, 2009
There has been some discussion and samples from this lens in the Zeiss thread...and I think Thorsten may also have started a separate thread once he got his hands on one of the first copies to show up here at the cafe.

It really just comes down to choice around how much you value the Zeiss over the other lens manufacturers. There is currently the Nikon 135 f/2 DC lens and also the rumoured Sigma 135 f/1.8 Art series lens to "potentially" consider.

If, like me, you love Zeiss, aren't phased by MF and you love the 135mm focal length then its a no-brainer!! :smile:
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