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Newbie, help resizing

Discussion in 'Nikon Capture and View NX' started by TomP, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. New D300, NX2, CS2.

    Have been poking around NX2 for 2 days, but have not been able to get a pic out the proper size for posting.
    I like what can I can do with NX, but I really hate learning more software. I guess a book would be alot of help:biggrin:
    Right now I would just like to be able to resize and upload as easy as I use to in PS.

    Also want to convert to SRGB.

    Also in another thread I had asked about converting D300 raw for PS CS2, it was suggested i download a DNG converter, at the suggested site, the downloads were only for CS3, did I miss something??

    Now for a dumb ?? what does ACR mean?? I know I ought to know this.

    Edit: Just saw Mikes helpful post with the NX2 PDFs, and have downloaded those.
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  2. go to the menu choose 'edit'. from the drop down choose 'fit photo'. enter the dimensions you'd like to use.

    next, choose 'adjust'. this time choose 'unsharp mask'. enter 35%, 3 radius and 2 threshold.

    next choose 'adjust' then 'color profile'. choose 'convert to profile' and choose sRGB as your profile.

    when done right click on the adjustment panel and choose 'save adjustments' and via the checkmarks eliminate every adjustment except the three edit steps i've listed above. save this adjustment as something like 'resize and sharpen for web'.

    this was any time you'd like to upload a photo you can import it into NX2 and just right click on the adjustment panel and pick load adjustments. choose the saved adjustments as you had named them and almost instantly your photo is ready for upload....couldn't be easier!

    hope this helps!

  3. ps... ACR means Adobe Camera RAW...Adobe's RAW converter...similar...but different than Capture NX or NX2.
  4. Thanks for the relpy,it was a help, but when I hit "select adjust," and 'color profile' does not show up??
  5. Tom...you want to click on 'adjust' in the menu bar and choose 'color profile' from the drop down box. it's the last one on the list.
  6. I do things a little differently when I want to post an image.

    First, I make any adjustments to the image that I think are appropriate.

    Then, I convert to sRGB: Adjust>Color Profile>Convert to sRGB

    Then, I choose File>Save As and save the file as a JPEG. In the dialog box, I choose a high compression ratio. I don't really fiddle with the image dimensions.

    Admittedly, this does not allow me to apply a textbook step of output sharpening based on the final image size, but I have not really found that to be an issue for posting. If the purpose of the post is to demonstrate sharpening, however, I would not use this method. What I describe, however, is fast and easy.
  7. Hmm, let me revise my previous post. I see that what Scott proposes is almost identical to what Jason Odell suggests in his e-book on NX2, except that Mr. Odell suggests Unsharp Mask settings of 25/3/2, rather than 35/3/2.

    This method, then, is probably better. I am not going to argue with the experts. (Well, not this time, anyway.):redface:
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