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newbie practicing w/ macro and photoshop

Discussion in 'Macro, Flowers, Insects, and Greenery' started by Rverba74, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. using my D40 with an SB400

    I know I know it's not the greatest but be gentle lol.....

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  2. Ron, its a start, just you have to much refelction in your subject which does distract from the subject but don’t worry just keep experimenting, even try bouncing your flash if you can

  3. Duncan C has a nice diffuser, http://www.pbase.com/duncanc/image/99442654, somewhere he has a link to the seller. I would recommend you try one of these. As a quick poor substitute, cut a piece of milk jug, opaque, that will fit over your lens, that will take care of the glare. Look forward to more of your pics.
  4. Cool, thanks I will try the bouncing. I just tried to do something fun and different but would like to learn from your CC's

  5. LOL, maybe I will try a piece of the opaque milk jug. yeah, i think the glare kinds of kills it....sorry

  6. Dont be sorry, everyone has to start somewhere. My advice would be to try and underexpose a little more than what you have here. I see how the glare can be distracting but it isn't always. Practice makes perfect!
  7. Thanks Ping, I was kind of scared to post due to the fact that I am a beginner...but like you said, everyone has to start somewhere. Definitely I will try and underexpose alittle more.

  8. aspiringphotos


    Sep 26, 2008
    If you still have it, it might be helpful to post the original image to see what you had to work with from the beginning. If the shot was very overexposed, there may not be enough data to work with. But if there is, the composition is pretty good and you might find it turns out well.

    From what I'm seeing I would suggest a few things. It looks a bit over saturated so if you can bring that down it may reveal more detail. Then, if you can adjust the shadows and highlights, recover the areas that are too bright. Then adjust the exposure and try a gamma correction. These are all just ideas, I don't know what version of PS you have. I think it's definitely worth a try and I'd like to see what you come up with.
  9. well here is the original photo,:frown: I wanted to kind of live'n the picture, try to add life to it since the original was dull. maybe i just over did it...lol

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  10. Yes I think you overdid it. If you dont mind... I have edited the picture to how I would have done it :

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    All that was done was some sharpening, curves, and a very slight adjustment to saturation. I think you had the original shot very well exposed. It might have actually been a little underexposed :smile:
  11. No, I don't mind. Help yourself. :smile: Whoa, nice... I like what you did, your version of the lemon looks alot more realistic than mine. I can picture mine in some kind of crazy demented Sprite commercial, in away...lol

  12. aspiringphotos


    Sep 26, 2008
    Oh, yeah, the original image was nicely exposed. That's good news because if the photo is off too far, no amount of PP will save it. You've got a nice image to work with. Ping's definitely got a good handle on the PP.
  13. Thanks Kelly, If you would like to try something, I would love to see your version, with alittle PP. oh, by the way I am using CS3.

  14. aspiringphotos


    Sep 26, 2008
    I have CS3 too. There is no one way to do this, so I encourage you to play, play and play some more. The video workshops at Adobe are a wealth of information and a great place to start. The options are so many that it's a little overwhelming, and you can edit very basically or multi-layer and get very advanced with your PP. I generally don't layer and stay rather basic, so someone else may take an image like yours and come up with something completely different. That said, here's my humble PP of your photo:

    ETA: Oooops, forgot to tell you what I did. First thing was to adjust shadows and highlights, increase exposure and add a slight gamma correction, then I adjusted the selective color and played with the yellow, green and neutrals. I also used an unsharp mask at about .5 pixels and about 300% (I think???). I also cropped it. This is my first picture post, so by the time I figured out how to do that I forgot what I had specifically done. I'm sorry -- trying to do Sunday chores, take care of the kids, laundry, etc. while doing the fun stuff.

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  15. bobmielke


    Jan 7, 2008
    Portland, OR
    www.abetterbouncecard.com offers a nearly free alternative to expensive diffuser gadgets. Watch all the online videos & learn how to make one & use it.
  16. Great website Bob, very interesting. Thank you very much. I will definitely look into that.

  17. Nice picture, I like the way it came out too. I really do need some work on shadows and highlights:biggrin: Thanks for the tip, I will checkout the workshops at adobe. Don't worry about forgetting whatelse you did, sounds like you have a busy but fun life. Being a father of two beautiful girls, I always try to squeeze in the fun along with my hobby.....along with the chores too.. isn't life great..:smile:

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