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News Conferences neighborhood Meeting with Sheriff

Discussion in 'Photojournalism, Candids and Street Photography' started by Ryanhawkerxp, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. With flash what do you do? Deep room (40 ') bad light and an SB800. Just use a bracket and shoot straight or use something like a Demb? Here are some examples. Had to lighten up a few.

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    I prefer the B+W but included color as well.
  2. i'd go with the b/w here
    those fluorescent lights (and, mixed lighting) are giving you WB problems...

    the b/w images look the best
  3. Nacho


    Dec 29, 2007
    Salem, Oregon
    Hey Cool Stuff Bill!

    Hey Bill, thanks for the note. I agree with Greg, Fluorescent is a pain. Did you try a gel to balance the fluorescent? I'm no expert with Flash at all, still trying to learn the basics, but I would try bouncing from the ceiling (It doesn't look too high, or with beams, so that should work well) and trying to use a gel to balance the fluorescent lights. Next is getting the flash off camera and controlling it remotely. Perhaps you did all of this already and I'm just musing. Then again, if I know I'll be converting to BW I would not worry about the gel...

    On the first image, bouncing off the ceiling might have still given you the shadow against the wall -- since the Sheriff does not seem to be far enough from the wall for the shadow to fall and not be visible.

    What lens were you using? Was it a fast lens? I like the last pic the best, it shows good emotion, and the third one next because it shows the most audience and most of the figure of the Sheriff. You had good eye for those shots. Perhaps a bit more to the left of the Sheriff to catch a bit more of his profile? The difficulty there is illuminating the back of that room. Did you have a tripod or monopod? The one with the guy standing and speaking is also cool but the lighting doesn't help it much.

    Thanks for posting these Bill. I like those shots I noted best because they give me a better sense of something going on. There is action with the hands up, there seems to be a tension, maybe an expectation by the audience (except for that lady in front examining her nails! :smile: )

    Thanks again Bill. This stuff is fun eh? : )


  4. I would

    I would have illuminated the ceiling in a room like this and worry about the white balance after depending on the time I had - I like getting in a location ahead of time to do a few test shot - this is not always possible but in that case it is a question of bouncing the flash using manual settings and exposure compensation in the camera to get it right - gel filters for the flash - yes! But if now the bounce as powerful as you can get it would be okay for the WB as the flash will overpower the lights - you are not doing fill flash you are actually lighting up the room so a gel filter would end up an hindrance in that case however I may be totally off my markers and would need to try it to be sure.

    By the way I always keep a few paper better bounce cards in my bag and a few rubber bands for places just like these as such not only would I bounce it off the ceiling but I would have light being bounced off the card going forward really filling the room up with one flash - manual control of the flash output and shutter speed is key here - I found that with flash photography that was pretty much key - to turn the camera in M mode and assume full control of the camera and flash - it does take getting used to and always a test shot or two to fine tune your adjustments in different rooms but that better bounce card is a true savior.
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  5. Here are a few more. Someone had to make a statement instead of a question. I watched for a while and I started shooting to get the mood of the crowd(tedious). She got on everyones nerves. I enjoyed the reaction of the crowd. Yes, that lady in the front row is into nails big time!

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  6. I actually used a Demb. In most cases I had the problem of not wanting to blow out everything in the foreground. I showed up early and saw it was going to be a problem. Used manual and used a 24-60 2.8 lens. At 2.8 and 5.6. I'll be out and about some more.
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