Next Generation D300?

Jul 16, 2008
Ohio, USA
Everyone, I'm in the market for a new camera. I had planned to buy the D300. However, I don't like the idea of buying at the end of the product cycle only to have the next model debut a few weeks later.

So, should I wait for the D300 replacement? Or, should I just buy the D300 and enjoy it now.

BTW, the D700 is too expensive for me. I can buy the D300 or the D400, but I'm not willing to spend any more than that.

I said D400, but I really don't know the name of the D300 replacement. I'm just guessing.


You're going to be waiting awhile if that's your outlook on buying electrionics.
Jul 21, 2007
The D300 is not even a year on the market - I think it was announced in September 2007 but only available in October - maybe even November, earliest. It's pretty safe to assume that the D300 will be on the market for at least another year.

Nikon has a few other cameras to introduce first - the 25MP D3x (or whatever it is going to be called), a replacement for the D80 (everyone calls it the D90 but Nikon has a good history of surprising us). Given that the D700 and the D300 are twins (same camera, different sensor) and given that the D700 has just hit the shelves, I think you're pretty safe in buying the D300 without it being "obsolete" within a month.

Reality check: I agree with illmack that you should not have fear for obsolence in electronics - it's the reality. Once you have your camera, stop checking its price online for at least six months, and just shoot the crap out of it. Yes, there will be a D400, and yes, I expect it to be a quantum leap improvement over the D300 (just as the D300 was a big improvement over the D200 which was a big improvement over the D100...) but that doesn't mean that you cannot take great pictures with the D300, or the D200 or D100 for that matter. Just enjoy the camera!
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Nov 15, 2006
Upstate SC
Yep, the D300 is Nikon's most advanced DX camera, and it's pretty darned new. The D200 lasted, what, almost four years?

The D700 is a very different animal than the D300. It shares a lot of the same ergonomics and a few cosmetics (the big shared component being the MB-D10), but it's not an "update" or even an "upgrade" for the D300.

Get 'em while they're hot...


You shouldn't be disappointed with getting a D300. It's only been on the market for 8 months. I know technology changes fast, but it is the best camera for the money. In my opinion.

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