Next stop: Corchia (not yet images, though)

Mar 23, 2007
Collecchio, northern Italy
Hi guys

today I could enjoy a spare day due to my saturday overtime. This morning my wife and me went to Viareggio (famous for the carnival, although one of the UGLIEST cities I've ever seen) due to a visit for her diet (she lost 22 kg in 4 months) and in the afternoon I took the opportunity to go to a little town called Corchia which is famous here for its historical center. Time ago I posted some pictures about Cassio, which is more served and reached by two nicer and larger roads. Plus, Cassio is a place where to buy excellent parmesan cheese and where to enjoy the so-called "Salti del Diavolo" (rocky formations present only here, in Sardiny and China)

Still, the hystorical center, although beautiful and well kept, is smoked by far by the one in Corchia, whose only "good" thing present there is a famous pizzeria which is always full despite the lost place. From home it's around 30 miles on the mountains and although not cool as Cassio (10°C less than here) it's sunny and windy and this helps local people since the warmer wind coming often from the sea avoid snow to stay too long. Local people say "It's the last town ever created by Christ" probably referring to the fact they are really lost (I've seen even more lost towns but this was something to note)

A particularity of this town is that is full of English, Americans and French people, nephews of the emigrants who left for far Countries at the beginning of the past century. In the surroundings, told me a welsh man found by chance, there are also copper and pyrite mines who are now closed and dangerous.
However, again, if it's difficult to plan a visit here, if you're in the surroundings it's definitely a "must-see". I know it has been used also in some movies placed in the middle-age or the past century too. Its pathways and stony houses built one on another really throw you in the past and I can't wait to have pictures back, although to travel light I didn't take the 17-35 which would have been more appropriate, but only the 28-75; I'll figure how to go back there soon. A funny thing is that people sometimes disappear IN the houses.. you hear the voices but you don't see them. There were also people strolling, but those who were in the house looked like on another planet, if you know what I mean. I even found a funny PINK country car with the Pink Panther, driven by a man who had married an Ukrainian woman years ago. He told me that they use such funny car to lug around wood or to go all together for a short trip in the surroundings. I have a picture of it too.

The burg has NO shops NOR bars OR whatsoever else, it's just a compact block of very old houses (but mostly well restaurated) with a kind of tiny tourist-office but people must go elsewhere even to purchase primary food (pasta, bread, cheese, etc.) fortunately - as happened tonight - sometimes costermongers and other things come here, being sure to be welcome. The old church is dedicated to S.Martino but is closed, while the newer one, built also with money sent by foreign nephews has been raised in the '80s and was open for a visit. Dedicated to Mary, "Queen of Holy Rosary" it's overall quite simple but nice to look at. I even found a black cat who insisted to follow me in. With the F6 and the SB-22s in slow mode, plus a Fuji 800 I managed to took some shots of the inner church. Let's see what comes out, for sure next time I'll go there with a wider lens. I hope to be able to post some images before the end of the other week.

Last but not least.. boys are STILL boys there: while having also a pc, they were playing with ball and bottle waters used like water guns and who cares if at the end they were all wet.

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