Night Shoot/2008 Hayabusa 1300

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  1. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
    "beauty" says it all about the bike. love the second and third shots, the bike pops out in both.

    the OOF lights draw my eye in the first shot, along with the blown lower left of the "H" in hayabusa. fourth shot doesn't do anything for me.

  2. yeah the lights in number 1 really bothered me and i thought about getting rid of them but he liked them being there so i left them...whatever LOL i didnt even notice the fact that the lower part of the H blown out, thank you for pointing that out to me.

    i personally dont like number 2...the trash can and the cluttered background bothers me.

    i like number 3 also.

    i like the trails from the ford explorer headlights in the background but the color looks off to me.

    thank you so much for your comments.
  3. Very nice shooting! Thanks for sharing.
    Drew at CBN.
  4. mrtac2man


    Jun 3, 2005
    very cool shots of one hot bike..

    if you don't like the background change it..
    Hope you don;t mind but played with it a little.
    let me know and I will delete if you want


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  5. 2 and 3 are my favorites, as well
    i LOVE the 'busa
    and he bought my favorite '08 color

    love the redos above, as well
  6. thank you!
    both those look pretty neat to me! ill pass them both on to my friend with the sure he will love them.

    i just dont do that much PS work, most of my stuff is pretty dand close to straight out the camera :redface:
  7. mrtac2man


    Jun 3, 2005
    and your doing great.. love your shots.. just have fun playing with them... let me kow if you need larger file of the blue background.. I can open it up so you can download it.