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Nikkor 18-35 vs Tokina 12-24

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Baywing, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    I recently bought a Tokina 12-24 and I have to say I'm less than happy with the overall image quality. I have done a comparison with my trusty old Nikkor 18-35 and the Nikkor wins big time. I know the 18-35 isn't the greatest, but stopped down to f9-f11, it's no slouch. In the same range, I was expecting better from the Tokina (compared at 18- 24mm and f10) based on what I've read. These are on a D2x, BTW.
    So, the question is, do I have a bum copy of the Tokina, or is that as good as it gets? B&H is closed till tomorrow, so I only have a limited amount of time to decide if I want to keep it. My feeling at the moment is that it's going back, I'm more wondering if I want to try another one or just forget it altogether. I'm not talking about the distortion, it's the sharpness. the middle seems ok, but the edges go soft fast and it doesn't look like the DOF (which should be huge) makes it any better.
  2. I have always maintained that the best lens in this range is the Sigma 12-24. That said, I can't say my test of the Tokina support your comments (but I wasn't using a D2X). Try another sample if you think the Tokina is the lens for you. Otherwise, I suggest the Sigma 12-24 or Nikkor 12-24. The Sigma 10-20 is quite nice but I prefer the 12-24 so far.
  3. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    What I may do as I think about more, is to return the one I have (will end up costing me for shipping in both directions, but better that than getting stuck with a junk lens) and seeing if a friend in the camera club will loan me his Tokina 12-24 for some tests. OK, I know I should have thought of that 2 weeks ago, but I didn't......:Curved:
  4. lamk

    lamk Guest

    Most lens, even mediocre one, should look good by the time you stopped it down two stop from wide open. If you still like the tokina you should get a different copy. I have the sigma 10-20 and like it's range. It's not without fault but one can work around it once you know the lens well. On big problem with the sigma is vignetting which does go away with stopping down or easily photoshop away.
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