Nikkor 200-400mm f/4G eD Vr II Autofocus Issue?

Mar 2, 2013
I'm considering buying this lens, and will be trying one next week from my local store. However, here's the rub, I would like the ability to use my TC-17EⅡor TC-20EⅢwhich the Nikon website says is compatible, but it also states that autofocus is only possible on the s TC-14E/TC-14EⅡ.
The actual quote is: AF-I/AF-S Teleconverters TC-14E/TC-14EⅡ/TC-17EⅡ**/TC-20E**/TC-20EⅡ**/TC-20EⅢ** are usable. (**Autofocus is not possible.)
Am I being dense as even with the 2x converter you'd only be up to f8 which both my D800e and D4 can cope with or am I missing something here?
Jan 13, 2008
New Mexico
Just say NO to those TC's...AF is gonna be the least of your troubles. :eek:
I did ok with BIF using the TC-14E II but anything much over 50 yds
the IQ and BG takes quite a hit. The 1.7 & 2.0 TC's are best with the
f2.8 primes and the 70-200 VRII. Static subjects w/o fur & feathers
you may be happy with the IQ...I had better luck cropping! I've used
the 300 f4 and TC-20E III (D800) and had better IQ than the zoom at
similar FLs/distance. Don't'll want to be stoppin' down to
f10/f11 to recover some contrast/color and if I'm not mistaken...GB
isn't known for it's plethora of sunny days. Just sayin' :wink:
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