Nikkor T.C 14C AF

Jun 5, 2008
The TC14C was a converter nikon made for the classic Nikkor 300 F2 ED-IF AIS. They where a boxed set.The Nikkor 300 F2 ED-IF AIS, which in my books is "still" the one and only king of 300 mm focal range. And this TC-14C converter turned that lens into a 420 2.8 with get this, no loss in quaility. Now we can debate what quaility means like "Zen and the art of motercycle of matainence" But for me in terms of photographic optics the word has always ment, magic.
Along with the Nikkor 300 F2 ED-IF (dont even get me started) I think this converter is the single most important lens that nikon should release. Even though Im not a auto focus kind of guy. Nikon should put the TC14C out in a auto focus version. I know I would have dremmel of the little tab to make it fit on all of my Nikkor telephoto's . I can live with that. If Nikon made this converter I would buy five of them tomorrow. One for every Nikkor ED-IF lens I own. Heck I do one better . Ill buy a buy a new 200 VR.

And I will go further and just short of begging. Okay, Im on my knee's begging . Nikon. Iv never asked for anything. I bought at least 16 of your camera's. From nikon F to the D3. I have own at one time or another 30 of your lenes. From 8 mm to 800mm . Some, I even bought new:tongue:. Iv dragged your super telephoto out for 20 years. Iv gone without food clothes and at one point a place to live to buy your equipment. Can you please, pretty please, with suger on top, make a TC301C that is as good or better than your T-C 14C. I know you can do it. Nikon Rocks. I know you read these forums. And Im sure other members will join the call. I know in the knife forum manufactor somtimes make special gear for member's. Perhaps that could be done here. :biggrin:
Read the Nikkor 200 F2 VR thread. How many lens where sold on that one thread alone. Im sure you could sell 450 of these converter to those folks right there.
I know you have made special runs before. Nikkor 300 F2 ED-IF , The 200-400 ED AIS.
Any takers?


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