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Nikkor Warranty on Manual Lenses

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Conrad Monroe, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. I just ordered a PC-85 f/2.8 T&S lens from KEH. I normally buy my lenses from B&H but they are closed this week and KEH had one in stock at a decent price.
    During my research I found that B&H website states that this lens comes with a 5 yr warranty just like all the other Nikkors that I have bought. The KEH website lists it at only 1 yr. When I called to place the order at KEH I asked them why the difference. The salesman checked with his supervisor and told me that since this is a manual lens, it only comes with a 1 yr warranty like all manual lenses.
    I had always been under the assumption that all Nikkors came with a 1 yr warranty that could be extended to 5 yrs when you registered it.
    Being somewhat between a rock and a hard place, I went ahead and ordered the lens from KEH with the hope that I might find the paper work for the extended warranty in the box with the registration.
    Anyone here by a manual lens recently that did not come with a 5 yr warranty? :confused: 
  2. Conrad,

    Sounds to me like the KEH lens is a grey import, and you have just been fed a load of bull.

    Why on earth would a manual lens have less of a warranty than a potentially more complicated autofocus lens?

    I may be wrong, but I don't think so.
  3. Steve,
    I think you are 100% correct. You have stated quite well my concern when I was told this.
    I did in fact pointedly ask the salesman if this was a gray market lens or not and he reiterated that it was a US model.
    I guess it will all be clear on Friday...
  4. US model does not mean it's not GREY market, trust me. I bought two lenses from B&H, bought grey market because I'm up in Canada anyway, and they both are US lenses (printed right on the lens!). Sounds like a nice package of BS the guy shovelled out - if you think about it, a manual lens should have a LONGER warranty because less can go wrong!!!
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