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Nikon’s mirrorless camera rumored to have a new mount

Discussion in 'Nikon Z Mirrorless Forum' started by rick_reno, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. F-mount wouldn't make any sense on a lot of levels....what does is an adapter that they will make (rumored as well) to provide full functioning f-mount lenses - even back to the ones that require a screw drive in the body to AF.
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  2. West


    Jan 2, 2012
    Vancouver BC
    I assume it's going to follow a Leica type path with a prime lens or something similar. Hope to get one, if it's affordable.
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  3. My initial guess would be that they will have the f mount adapter and a fast 50mm at a minimum on launch. Then shortly followed by a 2 zoom kit setup, probably a 28-85 and a 70-300 consumerish level aperture ranges.

    Agreed on price, if they have it somewhere around $1200-$1500....i'm highly interested. More than that, it will have to be comparable in capability to an Olympus EM1.2 or a Sony A9. All I know is that Nikon has to hit this one out of the park otherwise, they will be sinking themselves pretty badly.
  4. $1200-$1500? IMO, that's entirely unrealistic. Hell, the D750 still sells for $1800, and it's over 3 years old. There's no way that Nikon can incur the expense of developing an entirely new mount and camera system, and sell it for those prices. The Sony A7 II is $1600 and is over 3 years old as well, and Sony has far greater economies of scale to leverage than Nikon does.

    IMO, It's going to be on the level of the D750, but will be priced at $2,000-$2,200.
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  5. I agree that if it's full frame it will likely be north of $2,000. It would need to be very compact and lightweight to be of interest to me. Even if it is, the lenses will be just as big as our current SLR lenses.
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  6. Never said it was realistic...I should have been more clear - I'm talking more of the price it would take for me to be an early adopter. They could hit near that price point if they laid off the frills and made it a racer....decent body, great performance - use an existing sensor(existing being something already on the market).

    If it is within my early adopter price range, I'll buy one outright if initial testing proves a good performer. If it is more than that, then I'll be waiting for iteration 2 possibly. If it is all I "hope" it will be, then I could see me selling 90% of my m43 stuff for it. I really don't want to be supporting 3 ecosystems, lol....2 is enough. :D 

    $2000-2200 is not a horrible price, by any means and as you stated - more than likely a better, more realistic number.
  7. Hmm, it has to be better than my D750 and A7 II combined for me to make the switch. If it is though, I'll be happy to consolidate to all Nikon!
  8. nu2scene


    Sep 27, 2007
    Las Vegas
    I would assume it definitely would need new lenses. Who cares how small the camera is, if I'm putting a 70-200 on it?

    For me, I almost never have anything smaller than the 70-200 on. So the camera size is almost irrelevant. It's all lens really. They need a smaller lighter lens to make me even think about it.

    For me, chasing the smaller cameras is not really a great idea anyway. The D3000's or D5000's are already pretty small and light weight already. Is the mirrorless camera gong to be that much smaller? I doubt it. If you want even smaller you have your iPhone. That market is pretty much done, for me anyway. The mirrorless idea would have to be something revolutionary, otherwise what's the big deal? 2 ounces lighter and 3 mm smaller? Who cares?

    For me, I'm looking for something bigger. Are they considering medium format at all?
  9. We'll get that, most likely in an AF-P or an E/PF type lens. Look at the size reduction we got on the 300/4E PF over the other versions. IQ is great, lenses are light and relatively the size is small...and this in native f-mount. drop off another 30 or so mm from the size...nice!!
  10. Ray Vonn

    Ray Vonn Guest

    Whether its unrealistic or not, a FF mirrorless body that can natively use existing F mount glass with decent focus peaking is all it would take for me. Nothing more.
  11. The portability advantage of a mirrorless body evaporates when you put big glass on it. I would only want one (with a silent shutter) with a fast pancake prime for walking around.
  12. Size I think it's a much overrated concept on camera gear .There is a point of diminishing returns, so to speak and if the camera gets to small it is difficult to operate and hold.

    Cell phone cameras are not a marvel of ergonomics, but a convenience that most have tolerated because they have their phone with them anyway, and don't want to have to carry multiple gadgets with them.
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  13. takepicturesanddance


    Nov 12, 2017
    Isn't that what is allready announced? There is a patent for a 50mm f0.9 and a 36mm f1.2. Since I heard nothing about VR I hope for IBIS.

    There is something else I really hope for: An adapter for the new Z-Mount lenses to be used on the F-Mount. From my understanding it would need some glass inside, but Nikon should be able to provide a high quality one.
  14. As far as I know, there have been no official announcements and patents are made all the time to protect intellectual property and ideas that may or may not ever become a product.
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  15. I'm going to hazard a guess that the full-frame mirrorless will replace the D750 and/or D610 in Nikon's lineup.
  16. Interesting speculation, Jim. It would be a way to get some engineering synergy and capitalize on their strengths while doing something a little outside-the-box (at least by the very conservative standards of Nikon). Might even stimulate some buzz and excitement (not words one normally places in a sentence with "Nikon".) :rolleyes: 
  17. Functionality wise, I could see that...might not jive well in price...but that will depend on what they have the initial MSRP set at. Interesting thoughts, though.
  18. Thom Hogan thinks the first Nikon mirrorless camera will be DX, and the next one will be a high MP FX offering. He's a more informed observer than I am so he's probably right. But the D750 and D610 are both getting pretty long in the tooth and I don't think we're likely to see updates to those along with two mirrorless cameras in the same year.

    I certainly don't think it makes sense to continue both D610 and D750 lines.
  19. No, probably not both, but my guess is that Nikon would want to keep a budget FX camera body. Performance wise, it would be hard to recommend a D750 over a D500 in some scenarios.

    I feel that Nikon should streamline their DSLRs. For FX, high enders should be the D5, D850, middle of the road should be a mix of the D750 and D610. D610 sensor and guts but with the better AF system of the D750. For DX, high end should be your D500 and then an entry level camera in the D5000 series level.

    Then, I would discontinue the Nikon 1 series and put out 2 mirrorless cameras using the same "Z-mount" or whatever they are going to call it. An FX entry for $1500-$1700. High ender with D4 minimum imaging performance and killer AF performance not only in S-AF, but C-AF as well. No EVF blackout. Weather sealed. Focus peaking for adapted/older f-mount lenses.

    Then an entry level DX mirrorless between $1000-$1300. AF performance in S-AF and C-AF at least as good as the old 51pt AF system like found in the D700 series and newer. Focus peaking.

    An adapter would allow for use of all Nikon f-mount lenses. Fully functional with AF-S lenses and newer(AF with screw type AF lenses would be nice, but I can understand not including that. "D" type and older lenses will meter, but focus will be manual.

    Then, over time as more people migrate over to the mirrorless cameras, you can start phasing out the low end DX and FX DSLRs. Keep the high end DSLRs for a while until you can fully convert everything over to mirrorless.


    Keep your ear to the rail and listen to the market and be out front of things instead of coming to the party way late. Or better yet, find a way to innovate and push technology...don't sit there and wait for things to unfold in front of you.

    Nikon, if you are listening and the price is right - I'm available for hire! :D  lol
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