Nikon 200 f4 Macro vs Sigma 150 2.8 / 180 3.5

Jan 26, 2005
Haverhill, MA
As I can't quite afford a Nikon 200 f4 AFD at the moment and need to do some macro work, I'm wondering if anyone has actually used both this lens and either the Sigma 150 2.8 (great reviews) or the Sigma 180 3.5?

If so...what are the opinions?

By the way...if you have a 200 f4 AF-d you'd like to finance for a to me :)

May 26, 2006
Charlottesville, VA / Palo Alto, CA
When I bought my 200/f4, I balked at the price differential between it and the Sigma 150 and the Tamron 180. Then I realized that the Sigma 150 is a G lens and doesn't work on my F2. So it was really down to the Nikkor or the Tamron.

I took some test shots with the Tamron - serious ones, with my 1348, Markins M20, remote and laptop - as well as the Nikkor. I was surprised at how close the Tamron got to the highly regarded Nikkor for a little over half the price. I ended up with the Nikkor because I got a great deal on it that substantially closed the financial gap, but at standard pricing I think I'd have come home with the Tamron, based solely on the shots.
Feb 13, 2005
Blackpool Lancashire UK
My self I kept the sigma 180 it is sharper than my 60mm nikkor and I preferred it to my 200 nikkor I really couldn't see any real difference between the sigma and the nikkor 200mm so I sold it.

Mar 30, 2006
Springfield, VA & Cape Charles, VA
Jim -
I frequently tell people that the Sigma 150/2.8 and Nikkor 200/4 are the only two macro lenses I'd buy if I were buying one today. As macro lenses I'd rate them a toss up. For size, handling, and ergonomics, the Sigma has the edge. As a telephoto, both are quite nice but the Sigma stops down better I think. Where the difference is really noticeable is with a TC. The Sigma 1.4 TC is simply superb with the 150 and I often forget its attached. As a combination macro/gp lens its hard to beat. As a dedicated macro, the 200/4 is still hard to beat but, then you already know that. Watch for a PM from me.
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