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Nikon 24-85 f/2.8-4

Discussion in 'Nikon FX DSLR Forum' started by dante, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. Is there anyone here using the 24-85 f/2.8-4 on their D700?
    Any sample images? :smile:
  2. I'm not, but I've heard good things about it from other photogs. I'd love to see samples too!
  3. Pete


    Jun 10, 2006
    Denver, CO
    I bought the 24-85 AFS-G lens based on many different reviews. It is a nice walk around zoom. I am mainly a prime shooter but still need a zoom at times. Anyway, a friend just bought the 2.8-4 lens and kept it for one week before trading it back and getting the AFS-G version like mine (we both have D700). They do not make the AFS-G anymore but can be found used or NOS and that is the one I would recommend.
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  4. orfeas


    Jul 8, 2008
    I own this lens (the old one with the diaphragm ring)
    It is a superb lens.
    It has no visible CA
    no corner falloff
    no circular focus plane
    no hunting, no backfocus

    It prevented me of buying the 24-70 F/2.8
    because in less than half price I get more.
    Don't forget the 85mm end, it is ideal for all day shooting.
    Finally it's tiny concerning weight and size, it doesn't look and feel like a brick.

    Here are some samples
    iso2000 f=3.5 t=1/20s focal length=45mm

    iso=1600 f=4.5 t=1/1250s focal length=52mm

    For the suspicious here are the original RAW

    If used on a DX camera the results are even better,
    here are some tests
  5. There's a reason they still make this lens and stopped making the AFS G version. This lens is very good. When I used to work the red carpet, this was a standard lens for many red carpet photographers. If I didn't get my 24-120 VR for so cheap, I would of purchased this lens. Color saturation is excellent, very similar to the 17-35 AFS to my eyes.
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