Nikon 24mm f/2.8D - your pictures

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  1. Anyone have this lens? Love it/hate it? Would love to see some pictures from yours! :smile:
  2. O.K. Gretchen,

    Since nobody else has replied, I'm going to post six photos!

    I think this is an underated lens for digital. It makes for a very useful and compact package with the likes of the D70 or D50. It is a great shame that it will not autofocus with the D40.

    It makes a good lightweight, quite fast street shooting lens. Combined with a camera that has good high iso results (D50?), and you have a good combination for flash free indoor shooting.

    Henry IV Chateau, Pau:


    Chateau interior (handheld @ 1/2 sec)


    This again shows some interior detail, handheld 1/25th sec


    The above two shots are a somewhat slow shutter speed for handheld shooting, but give some indication of the potential.

    London Street - EGT 2006


    Canadian Preacher on London Street!


    French PMU bar (horse racing)


    All shots taken with D70 and 24mm f/2.8 AF (no lens hood).
  3. Wow, thank you!!! I was just thinking about this thread this morning and wondering if no one had one.

    I thought I had a good line on a used one, but apparently not. :frown:

    Your pictures are beautiful and very impressive. Thanks for sharing!! :smile: