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Showcase Nikon 28-105mm

Discussion in 'Lens Sample Image Showcase' started by LindaZ, Jul 20, 2008.

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  1. LindaZ


    Jul 29, 2007
    Wilmington, NC
    I do have the beast... but it's helluva big and heavy for just taking along on a day-trip somewhere. So I'm looking into some fun to use lens!

    28-105: Nice range eh? How about bokeh and smoothness? Sort of sharp?
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  2. Xapathan


    Dec 16, 2006
    Hi Linda,
    did you talk about the "NIKON Nikkor AF 28-105 f 3.5-4.5 D IF"?
    Or the "C***** EF 24-105 mm 1:4 L IS USM"?

    As far as the Nikkor is on discussion, I can tell you that my one
    is really a sharp lens even if you stop down 1 step. And the macro
    function is nice! Only the plastic finish is not so nice if you ask me.
    And the bokeh is fine for me.
  3. SP77


    Jun 4, 2007
    Rockville, MD
    Yeah you mean the 28-105 f/3.5-4.5 right? :smile: Almost all of these were taken with my F100 and 28-105, but I think you already saw them. Bokeh is definitely on the harsh/ugly side, but other than that I have no complaints aside from maybe slower focusing, but that hasn't really been an issue for me.

    I took this one with my D80 at ISO 800, straight off the camera. This was in its 1:2 macro range although probably not the full 1:2 here. Highly useful lens when my daughter decides to jump in my lap when I've got the camera out! :biggrin:

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  4. SP77


    Jun 4, 2007
    Rockville, MD
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  5. 16-85vr!!!
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  6. The great thing about the 28-105 is not only is it sharp with great color and contrast:


    but the 1:2 macro capabilities can turn even the dullest of photographic days into something special:


    Both images taken with a D80.

    It's a great walk-around lens, but not quite wide enough on DX to feel completely comfortable without something else.
  7. LindaZ


    Jul 29, 2007
    Wilmington, NC
    lol... yeah I meant the 28-105, couldn't do much with the Canon lens!

    Ugly bokeh?! I might have a problem with that. Wow. I have turned into a snob. lol
    But the photos shown in these threads doesn't have ugly bokeh.

    A macro too? hmm.. interesting
  8. RichNY

    RichNY Guest

    Come on, you can spell it out- it won't hurt you.:wink:
  9. Linda...
    the macro button really extends this lens and makes it a fun lens to use...
  10. I was sure you meant the 28-105. The lens is sharp and right now you can buy a used one for a very reasonable price.
    I agree with the gentleman that stated that the "macro" setting can save the day. It has for me.
    This lens shines when I use it with my F-100.
    I posted this shot in the landscape forum this afternoon.
    William Rodriguez
    Miami, Florida.

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  11. LindaZ


    Jul 29, 2007
    Wilmington, NC
    Thanks Will, that's a stunning image too!
  12. LindaZ


    Jul 29, 2007
    Wilmington, NC
    I just wish it was a bit longer Gene!
  13. Linda

    I have been thinking about getting this lens as well, the 1:2 macro is a bonus. On DX, the lens isn't very wide, but i kinda hate wide angle anyways. I also don't like plastic mounts, I have found the plastic rubs off onto the base when changing lenses, though it isn't a deal breaker. Considering the 28-105 is dirt cheap on the used market, it might be one of those lenses you can pick up without doing too much thinking - afterall, a good range, great performance, and a 1:2, sounds like a good walkaround to me...
  14. Linda, I have the Tamron 28-105 f/2.8.
    Some people don't like it because it has an 82mm. diameter lens and is pretty noticeable when you carry it around.

    I used it recently to take these shots, many of which were interior low light shots.
    If you're looking for a general purpose, light weight lens, though, the best I've found is the 18-200VR.

    D300 with Tamron 28-105 f/2.8

    aka beaucamera
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  15. The 28-105 does not have a plastic mount.
  16. Linda,

    I used to carry a 24-85mm f3.5-4.5G AF-S lens my D2X as a walk around lens. I thought it had a nice range, very light weight and decent IQ. Although Nikon no longer list this lens, it may be available on some camera shop shelves or on the used market.
  17. Cope


    Apr 5, 2007
    Houston, Texas
    The 28-105 has been discussed here often. Do a search and you will see many nice photos. I took it and my Nikkor 60mm 2.8 micro to a local arboretum, and took the same shot with each, using the 28-105 in macro mode. I saw virtually no difference in photo quality. What it loses on the long end, it more than makes up for with the ncie macro.
  18. sorry, i assumed it was a plastic mount - even better if this is the case :smile:
  19. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    it's a chunky little lens, too. not a consumer feel to it at all:cool: 
  20. LindaZ


    Jul 29, 2007
    Wilmington, NC
    sweet...thx all for chiming in. I'm pretty sure the 24-85 would feel too short for me.
    Then, there's the 18-135. I have an odd hunch that I wouldn't like the 18-200.
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