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nikon 50 f/1.8 is it good

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by exitnine, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. The 50/1.8 is a perfect lens with great IQ. My understanding is there are atleast 4 manual versions of this and the best is considered to be the "Long nose" version. I presume the AF version has similar characteristics.
  2. they r both cheap

    get both and just be done with it. i have the 50 1.8, i might get the 1.4 - too much overlap, yes, but what the hell...:tongue:
  3. every nikon shooter should own one... maybe even those who own the 50/1.4 (when they want to carry a far cheaper lens)
    it IS the BEST "DEAL" in glass that nikon currently makes
    at $100.00 it's a no-brainer
  4. Nikkor AIS

    Nikkor AIS

    Jun 5, 2008
    I went to Photo World today and hiding in the back of the nikon shelf was a cherry 50 1.8 AIS in mint condition. After reading this thread yesterday, what could I do but pick it up, and take it home. The best fifty bucks I have spent in a while. On the D3, the IQ is really nice wide open and amazing stopping down from 2.8-11. Good clean fun without the nicks and cuts of a blade. Now all I need is a nice metal hood. Im going to check Keh.

  5. hmmmmmmmm
    and, goes great with your nickname, as well
    please show us some images when you can
  6. Nikkor AIS

    Nikkor AIS

    Jun 5, 2008
    Thanks, I will, I got a computer geek coming out on monday to show this old school boy how to get stuff on to the net.

  7. I love my 50 f/1.8 :D 
  8. Kemnik


    Aug 21, 2007
    San Jose, CA
    Cheapest pro lens around. It should be required that everyone owns one. Seriously absolutely a non-decision; I mean it is like 120 bucks new and if you don't like it you can sell it for not much less. Cheaper than renting one.
  9. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    ya, u won't find a better lens for combat shooting ..lol
  10. Nikkor AIS

    Nikkor AIS

    Jun 5, 2008
    What freaks me out about the Nikkor 50 1.8 AIS I just snagged beside's the great IQ, smooth as silk focusing, snappy aperture, and rocks solid construction and the price, is that mine is 20 years. Damn, I love Nikkor AIS.
  11. NeilM

    NeilM Guest

    Its great.

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    Considering it cost me like $80 us. I love it.
  12. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    nothing like starting out a reply with an insult..already told u i had a good copy of the 1.8.
    50 1.8 @1.8
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    as far as sample variation, it's there. ask Bandnuts (Kap). like myself, he went through several samples before landing on a "good" one. Smodack was convinced all 35-70 2.8's were soft wide open @70mm. he finally landed on a good one and repented as well.

    there's times it's absolutely appropriate to shoot @1.4, especially helpful for keeping the iso down and if u want, for the mood.
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    but then again, this kind of photogin isn't for anyone. some CAN'T pull it off and some don't care for it.
  13. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    not trying to make others believe anything, Tom. but howa bout we see some of your 1.4 shots:tongue:

  14. gorbuchul

    gorbuchul Guest

    Whom did I insult saying what? I told you from my personal experience with three copies and that I do not believe so much in sample variation speaking about Nikon primes. There surely is some - thank you for naming Bandnuts' lens as an example. But I still believe it is seldom enough.
    Anyway, maybe I had three absolute matching copies of bad ones. :wink:

    Yes there is. And your picture is a wonderful example for that. Yes, definitely. For this reason - f/1.4 and the mood thing - I kept the Zeiss, when I sold the Nikon.

    But then again I wonder, why some people pp their 1.4 pictures so hard that this mood is pped out of the picture. More natural definition is often just one turn of the aperture dial away.

    So true!

    Kind regards
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 27, 2008
  15. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    sorry for taking u the wrong way, gorbuchul..i always figured u a good guy and reasonable. i actually appreciate your input and find myself on the same page for about 99% of what u said here.

    as to sample variation, most wouldn't know the difference. me, i agonise over it some and won't accept anything less than "perfect".

    as too pp. i'm a jpeg shooter (i'm not an advocate of it though, my puter is old and outdated and unfortunity tends to crash using the nikon converter). i set my files up kind of drab in cam cuz i get the best results after the fact. however, if i was to shoot raw and convert in Capture my files would be much better. i've done this just enough to know it's no subtle difference. on the contrary it's quite compelling.

    and hey, i don't always shoot @1.4 ..lol
    from yesterday, d40/sig 1.4 @3.2:eek: 
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    i tend to shoot at whatever apt is takes to capture my vision,,,provided the conditions allows it. i'll surely have more options once a d700 ends up in my kit:cool: 

  16. Sorry to interrupt the technical chat guys, but this is a cool one. How did you light her face here?
  17. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    thanks Oliver ....captured at the mt. angel abby just down the road from me. one of my favorite places to shoot environmental portraits. the light comming in from behind her was reflecting rather nicely off a bronze stain glass window in front of her and to her right. turned out kind of trick for skin tone and over-all effect, imho:cool: 
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 27, 2008
  18. Thx for explanation, I like this reflector effect.
  19. lazijay


    Jul 27, 2008
    Salinas, CA
    So basically the lens won't have the AF ability on a D40 correct?
  20. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    correct ..i shoot the sig 30 1.4 on my d40 and love it:cool: 
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