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Nikon 70-200 AF-S VR w. TC17 II E

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by cvansickler, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. cvansickler


    May 17, 2008
    Has anyone ever used the 70-200 VR lens w/ the TC17 II E - were there any performance issues?
  2. Great combo...Stop down 1 stop and shoot away. I did this for quiet some time before the 200-400 arrived.
  3. Likewise....I think the reference combination works quite well.

  4. Recently another thread was posted about this combo. I was wrong when I suggested it's steller.
    I shot Polo yesterday using this combo, plus a 300 f2.8 af-s and the 17. I am very disappointed in the images with the 70-200 VR. The images are soft and seriously lacking contrast. On the photos I wanted to use I needed a LOT of work on the raw files to get them somewhat acceptable. Myself, the 17 will never go on my 70-200 again! BTW, the 300 w/ the 17 was awesome.
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  5. I have that combination of 70-200mm VR and TC17IIE. However, I have read that the results are softer then if you used the TC14IIE. I will continue to use the 17 for reach but it may me soft. One day I will get the 14IIE and keep the 17 to use on my 105mm Macro. That is the nice thing about the TCs they work on a number of lenses.
  6. jfrancis


    May 8, 2005
    Orlando, FL
    I use that combo often. A little softer than with the 1.4? Probably, but with the benefit of added reach. Life is full of compromises :biggrin:
  7. Hi Flatland Charlie,
    I wonder why your combo didn't work that well? Especially when the TC work well with your 300 and the 70-200 works well alone. Without seeing your EXIF it is hard to tell...

    Anyhow, since we are posting pics of the combo in action...
    Wide open...
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    Stopped down to f8
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  8. it's def something cause even the 1.4 sucks on my 70-200 and rocks on my 300/4 & 300/2.8

    so beware before you buy it
  9. I agree with Brian - hard to tell what went wrong in Flatland Charlie's situation. I've said before that I've been very pleased with the combo on my D300. Here are samples, most posted before.

    [1] - Still don't know what this bird is...
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    [2] - A boring "duck portrait"
    View attachment 222000

    [3] - I've even tracked birds in flight with this combo - granted, this was not a speedy one. :) 
    View attachment 222001

    I've found my 70-200 w/TC-17E II combo to be sharp and contrasty. Would a big Nikkor prime super-tele be better? No doubt - but this works for my purposes.
  10. Hi Randy,
    Yours and Charlies post has got me wondering...why is it some 70-200's out there do not like TC??? I am assuming your 70-200 is tack sharp alone right?

    If we only lived closer we could get together and try different combos to find out why...
  11. My 70-200 is tack sharp, very happy with it. But it sure dislikes the 17. I was sure I had used it with the 70-200, but I must have not been thinking right as it would never satisfy me.
    Brian, you first photo which was shot wide open, I wager it is soft at 100% of the original.
    On my Polo, I shoot at 2/3rd stop down. F8 is out of the question, but maybe the combo will work well if cranked down that much. And yeah, the 17 works awesome with the 300 f2.8 (but the EXIF shows I am shooting 700mm, which has also been discussed) and I like it lots on the 105 VR and 400 f2.8 too. It's a keeper converter but I won't use it on the 70-200 VR.
    300mm with 17EII sample-
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    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 5, 2008
  12. Hi Charles,
    Keep an eye on this thread. I think I have the unedited original jpeg and will post it later today.
  13. yep, w/o a tc it cuts, even at 2.8
    w/ the 1.4 at f7 or f8 it has an occasional ok shot but most are throw aways....i'm talking soft that can't be USMed in PP and when you chk at 100% they are horrid
    I haven't tried it since i got the d3/d300 but i wouldn't expect any changes and I have that fl well covered now anyway
  14. jfrancis


    May 8, 2005
    Orlando, FL
    Interesting. I wonder if the 70-200 + TC combo focus can be fine tuned on the D3/D300 bodies, and if so, would it be recognized as a different lens to the 70-200 by itself.
  15. i hadn't thought of that...that is very interesting
    I haven't touched the AF fine tune on either camera but maybe this is a good test
  16. OK after looking up that image of mine of the egret with the green face, it may have been shot with the 200-400. (It has been a long time since I took that shot! Sorry about that, I certainly did not mean to confuse any one!!!)
    Here is the URL for it if you want to see it anyhow.

    With that said, here is a shot I KNOW is with the 70-200 and the TC17EII and shot at f5.6! :biggrin:

    And these 2 shots will show some contrast:

    Feel free to give them a little PP and you will see they really will look good.

    ALSO I only shoot JPEG so these are truly out of the camera, a D200 at the time. I leave EXIF in tact on all my shots.

    These files are real large so I will not keep them up a long time...
    How do they compare to yours? Especially the plane and the heli?
  17. wbeem


    Feb 11, 2007
    Sanford, FL
    William Beem

    Yes, I've tried it. I bought the TC from a fellow on the forum. It seemed pretty soft when wide open, but he advised me to shoot at 7.1 or smaller. Good advice, things looked better from there. It's not quite as sharp as the 70-200 by itself, but stopping down definitely makes an improvement to something acceptable. Wide open shots, in my opinion, just aren't acceptable.
  18. they look great...there is no denying the IQ in them
    (maybe you hacked the exif...just kidding of course)
    i can't imagine the 1.7 works better than the 1.4 so it's gotta be my 70-200 or my TC, both of which have been back to nikon (last year) and checked out ok

  19. OK! Now if you are 100% sure my pics look better than yours and we know your 70-200 is tack sharp and the TC 17 works great on your other lens, then there has to be some answer! Do you know anybody near you with another TC you could try? Or even a 70-200?

    And yes, the 1.4 is a good deal sharper! As an example, if I put my 1.7 on my 200-400, I have to shoot at F11! If I put my 1.4 on my 200-400, I can shoot at F7.1. (Note: This is for *tack sharp* shots...)
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